How much it cost for Brownie

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Cost for Brownie

cost for brownie



Yeah! Brownies…  Whenever I listen to this word, my greedy tongue starts watering and my eyes present some images of delicious brownies. There may be least to no haters of brownies out there. We had earlier talked about The Cupcakes, today we are going to talk about the Brownies in brief.

What is a Brownie?

A simple Chocolate baked brownie is called “Chocolate Brownie”. There are many types of brownies depending on the added ingredients and their form. The popularity of the item is because one can bake a brownie according to one’s choice. There are some fixed ingredients but, the amount of ingredients and choosing extra ingredients are up to the cook.

Of course, you can make a brownie with desired ingredients and name it whatever you want.


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Cost for Brownie

Generally, it is a baked treat, which is commonly made of Butter, Chocolate, Sugar, Flour and Eggs. You can also add nuts, jelly etc. Variation in the amount of ingredients changes the look and taste of the product.

In Bakeries or Restaurants, the average cost of a yummy brownie is $3. Obviously, there are some cheap and some expensive options are available. Well it will depend on your choice and your location.

Whether you go for Classic brownie or Cakelike or Fudgy one, a piece of brownie would not cost you more than $5. But if you go with some eminent restaurants than it can cost you more than $10.


Cost of Baking Brownies at Home

The game of brownies is all about the ratio of added ingredients. So, mind the ingredients and the volume of ingredients as well. Freshly baked brownies would last up to 3 to 4 days if stored in airtight packing at room temperature.

Average cost of 20 brownies at home would cost $3 to $7.

Taking 2 pieces of your favorite brownie daily is not a good option, as it is not a healthy diet option.


How to save money when buying Brownie?

  • If you have enough ingredients and time then, bake it at home.
  • Try some cheaper bakeries than well-known bakeries and restaurants.
  • Buy in higher quantities for discounts.
  • Love it but don’t love it blindly. Keep control on eating them.

Don’t be only Tongue conscious, but also Health conscious.