Online Tutoring Cost

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How much does online tutoring cost?

How much online tutoring




With the advent of the Internet, the ease of doing many things just got easier. One amongst many such things is coaching. Not only did the invention of the Internet made tutors life hassle less, but it also enabled them to earn more than the usual.


General Online Tutoring Subscription cost varies from $30 to $150 per month, but in some cases, it can cost even more.



Costs of online tutoring:


  • The average cost of online tutoring depends on the type of tutoring that you are willing to undergo. If it is a secondary education, it should generally cost less than higher education. Apart from the type of education, the costs also vary in terms of the sessions that are needed. Some tutors charge per session, the other charge hourly and some tutors even charge customized based on the requirement.


  • A certified teacher can charge up to $80 on an average i.e. a teacher who has a certificate to teach and holds either a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in education.


  • For higher competitive exams, like those ones that are pre-requisites before going for foreign studies, the charge tends to be even more. Charges start from as low as $25 and can even go up to $90 per hour.


On an average an online tutor of any subject is expected to charge around $52 per hour, but there are exceptions here as well, like there are in other businesses.


Some websites offer trial packages of 5 to 7 days, typically charging the subscribers at $20 for 30 minutes for one week. Monthly plans of such websites can cost you around $60.

How to save?

Like in other businesses there is also a bulk discount available in this business. A monthly package is cheaper than an hourly package. An annual package is cheaper than the monthly package and so on. Typically a monthly package tends to be 20 percent cheaper than an hourly package, so if you are looking for your kid’s grammar or math course, a monthly or yearly package can save you at least 20 percent.


Group online tutoring is another way to save. Generally, the cost that is charged for an individual gets lower when two students are been taught at the same time. Of course, they don’t charge straight half of what they would charge but there are discounts based upon what the tutor feels and the discount generally tends to be in the range of 20 to 30 percent compared to private tutoring.


Tutors also give discounts based on getting someone on your own reference. So if you like your tutor’s work, you can recommend him/her to someone and get your discount share. These type of discounts generally range from somewhere around 10 to 20 percent. And also not every tutor prefers giving such a discount. It is based upon your skills and your relationship with the tutor.