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How much it Cost to Live in Los Angeles, CA

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Cost to Live in Los Angeles

Los Angeles financial district


If ever there were a place which appears so extremely exciting, fun and in the center of everything which represents glamour and style it has to be Los Angeles, California. L.A. is the birthplace of almost anything that goes on to become the latest trend, fad or hip thing to do, say, wear or even be.

The beautiful sun, fancy restaurants, night clubs and the gorgeous people there which are drawn to them all make L.A. the hub of social life for the rest of the U.S. and even some places abroad. The music industry, film industry, computer technology industry and all the finest of things each of them finance for those lucky enough to make it big entice the mind of every young guy or gal from every small town across the nation.

Of course not all the people who take that leap of high expectation and move out to L.A. actually make it big. Yet the risks seem worth it and in L.A. anyone can be discovered and on the road to fame and fortune at any minute. It is this allure which draws the attention of so many dreamers in America.

From watching all the TV shows based on characters who live in Los Angeles, movies and even listening to the songs dedicated to California’s adventurous lifestyle, L.A. has to be the coolest place in the U.S. to call home. But what would it actually cost the average person to call L.A. home? Well, if you are asking yourself this question and thinking of taking your own leap into the unknown with stars dancing in your eyes, then below is enough information to get you going.


Cost of Living in L.A. (Los Angeles, California)

Average Monthly Apartment Rent in L.A.

$1,500/ 1br in or around downtown

$1,000/ 1br outside downtown area

$2,800-$3,000/ 2-3br in or around downtown

$1,700-$2,000/ 2-3br outside downtown area

Average Monthly Utility Cost in L.A. (Modest/Basic 2br Apartment Need)

$100-$170/ Heating/Cooling and Basic Electricity

$60/ Gas, Water, Garbage

$40/ Internet Service


$1.50/ One way bus ticket

$75/ Monthly bus pass

$4.50/ Taxi (to start)

$2.50/ Taxi per km

$4.00/ Gallon Gas

Grocery Costs in L.A.

$4.00/ Gallon of Milk

$2.50/ Loaf of Bread

$2.20/ Dozen Eggs

$10.00/ kg cheese

$5.00/ kg Chicken Breast (boneless)

$1.00/ Head of Lettuce

$1.30/ Soft drink 20oz

Restaurant Dinning

$12.00/ Cheap Meal for 1

$50-$60/ Meal for 2 at Three-star restaurant

$6.00/ McDonald’s combo

Misc Costs in L.A.

$50.00/ Levi Jeans

$6.00/ pk Marlboro Cigarette

$2.00/ Domestic Beer

$5.00/ Imported Beer