How much does it cost for babysitting

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Babysitting Cost

how much it cost for babysitting



Babysitting – At a Glance

A babysitter is a person who tentatively cares for kids of all age groups on behalf of the kid’s family. Generally, babysitters correctly understand your directions, and their duties include supervising the children, preparing meal and snacks, planning their activities, and sweeping up after the kids. Also, a babysitter is liable for the safety and health of your children while they’re in her watch.

Babysitters are also called nannies or mother’s helpers or child-care/Day Care Workers, governess, etc. and there are lots of people and firms offering the same services in reasonable cost.

Cost for babysitting

Babysitters cost depend on various factors like years of experience, qualification, employment type like full-time/part-time or live in/out and more. As per the latest reports, the average hourly cost of baby-sitters in 2020 is approx. $15 to $17.50 per hour in different cities.

When determining how much cost to give to your babysitter or nanny, it’s necessary to set a reasonable rate to entice the best babysitters. But there are so many points to be considered before thinking about when deciding the cost of babysitters.


3 Points to Consider to Know What to Pay for Babysitting

1. Location You Live:

 The area at which you live is the essential considering point when you are calculating the cost of babysitting.

Some areas of a city are costly, so the cost of the babysitters is also high and some areas are cheaper than it so it is easy to find a babysitter within your budget in such areas. Let’s go through a list of the babysitter’s cost in some of the cities:


  • San Francisco: This is the costliest city, and here the price of a babysitter is $20 to $22/hour for 1-2 children.
  • Las Vegas: This is the cheapest city, so here you can find a babysitter with the cost of only $11 to $15 for 1-2 children.
  • New York City: A babysitter price here is $18 to $20/ hour for 1-2 kids.
  • Minneapolis: Here charges for single kid is $14/hour and for two kids it is $15/hour.
  • San Antonio: A babysitter cost here is $12 to $13/hour for 1 to 2 kids.

2.  Qualities You Need

Each parent has some demand to choose a babysitter for their kid, and that’s why the cost of the babysitter also depends on the quality you need in them. Babysitter with college degrees or related certificates charge more and the babysitters below 18 years of age generally charge less.

3.   Timing too matters in Babysitting Cost

If you need a babysitter on random days, then it will cost you less, but if you need them on weekends or some special holidays like New Year’s Eve, than it will cost at least 1½ times more than average rate. However if you need a babysitter for some months or years, then special days won’t affect the price.

These are only some of the essential points that affect the cost of a babysitter, but I hope these will help you! Stay tuned to know more!