How Much Do Gymnastic Classes Cost

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Cost of Gymnastic Classes



Gymnastic classes are a great opportunity for young children to build their social skills, motor skills, and self-confidence. There are likely many choices in your area which offer gymnastics training for recreational purpose for children as young as three years old. Choosing the right facility for your child is very important for their success and enjoyment in the program. Depending on which gymnastic program and facility you choose, the prices will fluctuate.

Factors of Cost

Gymnastic classes for children are often just for recreational and learning purposes but there are also more expensive professional lessons meant for competition and maybe even eventually the Olympics. These two types of classes will vary greatly in price due to the different curriculum of the classes. Casual gymnastic classes are much more affordable and range anywhere from $20 up to $70 per month. Professional gymnastic classes are substantially higher, costing at least $400 per month depending on the trainer. For an even more intense class, there is private gymnastics training available that will cost an average of $40 per hour.

What’s Included

Gymnastic classes usually begin for children starting at the age of 3 but a child can join the right age and skill group at any age they prefer. During gymnastic classes there will be either one or two teachers, depending on the size of the class, who will teach the children motor skills, social skills, and self-confidence along with listening and cooperating with others. The more physical side of classes will teach strength, flexibility and coordination. These skills extend further than just the classroom though as gymnastics can create a greater love for life and themselves. These classes are typically held once per week and last anywhere from 45 minutes up to 120 minutes.

Additional Costs

There may be an initial enrollment fee that costs anywhere from $35 to $75 per student. There may also be a family package deal that is one charge for all children attending the classes. After the initial registration fee, an outfit may need to be purchased before the classes start. Leotards and special shoes are usually required for classes and will not be included with the class. There are also optional open gym days where the children can come and play with no instructions and this usually costs anywhere from $5-$10 per two hour session.


Ways To Save

For families with multiple children, there are often times siblings discounts. Both boys and girls are welcome in gymnastics classes and it is often encouraged. Enrolling all your children at the same time could save up to 20% of the regular cost. There are also discounts offered for signing up early as well so be sure not to wait for the last possible second to sign up for classes.

Many children enjoy attending gymnastic classes due to the social aspect as well as the physical aspect but it is not for everyone. See if the facility you are looking to enroll your child in offers a free open gym visit to be sure your child is interested in attending the classes. This could avoid the loss of an enrollment fee along with pre-paid classes if your child ends up not wanting to continue classes.