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How much it Costs to Install a Pool

| September 26, 2013 | 0 Comments

Few things have the eye candy, attraction drawing appeal around a home quite like swimming pool. It rarely matters where exactly around the home the pool is installed, it will almost certainly be the consistent focal point of everyone who comes near. That, and the fact it will also seem to draw friends, neighbors and family members you might have never known you had throughout the months of July and August.


PoolHowever, a swimming pool will do more than just make you extremely popular among your friends and coworkers or provide you and your spouse with endless headaches when the busloads of teenagers arrive every Saturday. A swimming pool, particularly an in-ground swimming pool, will dramatically increase the value of your home immediately after the water is added.

It are benefits such as these that has quite a few homeowners pondering on the idea of how much it costs to install a pool. While a seemingly simple question it might be, the answer to it is more perplex than just a random thrown out number.

Cost of Pool Material

There are generally three types of material used in constructing the walls of an in-ground pool.


Possibly the more widely used of the three due to it being able to mold to almost any possible shape and size, then set permanently revealing a smooth surface that once dried can be either painted, covered in pebbles/seashells or even plaster finished. From hiring out a backhoe to dig, designing the shape, constructing the frame and pouring the concrete will take a few weeks depending on size. Allowing the concrete to dry and harden completely, touching up blemishes and finally painting and filling with water will take an additional week or so.


Cost of In-Ground Concrete Pool

(Depending on size)

$20,000 – $40,000 / 1-3 months to complete


Fiberglass in-ground pools are rapidly becoming a hot ticket item in regions were quite a lot of home constructions are taking place. The fiberglass hull isn’t as free flowing as concrete and only gets as big as 8ft deep and 16ft wide but can be shipped directly to the location. When it arrives, it might look like an enormous fiberglass garden tub you would find in a giant’s bathroom.

The fiberglass might be slightly more expensive than concrete (material cost), however, it can be installed in one piece much faster than pouring concrete and requires a lot less owner maintenance than concrete.

Cost of Fiberglass In-Ground Pool

Fiberglass Hull; $10,000 – $26,000

Installation; $10,000

Total Cost installed; $20,000 – $36,000/ 2 weeks installation


Vinyl lined in-ground pools are constructed much like the concrete pool. A hole is dug and the wood framing put in place. A generous amount of concrete poured along the bottom and smoothed. Sand is also put in place to allow softer feel and help hold its shape. The Vinyl liner, which can be purchased to cover any depth/width, is then carefully layered over the walls and floor. You will have to replace this liner at some point is the only drawback.

Cost of Vinyl In-Ground Pool:

(Depending on size)

$8,000 – $17,000 / 2-4 weeks installation