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How much does an Exterminator Cost

| May 24, 2014 | 2 Comments

Cost to Hire a Pest Exterminator

cost-of-exterminatorHaving a pest problem can be very mentally and emotionally draining. Constantly wondering if a spider is going to land on your shoulder or if a rat or cockroach is going to run across your living room under your feet can really drain you down. Controlling a pest infestation on your own can seem manageable in the beginning but it can quickly get out of hand before you even realize it. In the end, an exterminator will most likely be a necessity but it’s going to cost you. For regular maintenance to just prevent pests it’s going to cost an average of $100 per quarter but for any space larger than 1250 sq ft it’s going to average about $1,300 up to $2,500 to treat an actual pest infestation, depending on the severity.


Factors of Cost

A big factor in what the total cost for an exterminator is going to cost is what type of infestation you are dealing with. A termite infestation is going to cost more than something as simple as a spider or ant problem. Termites can be a huge devastation to the structure of your home and should be treated as soon as you suspect you have active termites. The cost to resolve an average termite problem is going to total around $1,200 depending on the severity. The reason it is so expensive is because termites are extremely hard to remove due to the fact that they multiply at astonishing rates. You also must sure that once you treat the problem that they do not return and that is another major problem with termites.

When you are dealing with a pest such as a rodent or roaches, there are many types of traps and baits that you can purchase online or at the store which are easier for a homeowner to take advantage of to avoid using a professional. Most DIY products for termites are difficult to use and maintain for an uneducated person and it’s difficult to know if they have been completely eradicated.

What’s Included

With most exterminators, when they quote you a price to exterminate a pest, that includes all the materials needed along with follow up visits in the months afterward to confirm the problem has been treated properly. If you have chosen a good exterminator, they will treat your property again free of cost if there is still a pest problem when they come back for a checkup.

Additional Costs

The cost of treatment after the initial inspection could easily raise by hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on how many hours they end up spending on the property along with the amount of materials needed. At first glance, it may seem like you have 50-100 cockroaches but after a week of treatment and a further inspection, it could turn out that you have over 500 roaches and it will be much more difficult to control. A situation like this could end up doubling or tripling your total price so be prepared to spend more than the initial quote.


Like every business, they will try to talk you in to extra services you weren’t expecting to need or want. Something they may offer is routine prevention methods every month or quarter and it is up to you to decide whether you think these measures are necessary for your situation.

Ways to Save

Make sure you shop around and get multiple quotes from different extermination services. Different companies will have different preferred methods for controlling every pest and some methods may be cheaper than others depending on the materials needed. Go with a company that you trust and is in your budget. You can save money by choosing a reliable company whose methods are reasonable and their labor costs aren’t up the roof. You can also attempt to purchase some of the materials yourself and do the simpler treatments yourself. If you have a rodent problem, purchasing your own mouse traps and glue boards may save you a bit of money by treating the majority of the problem yourself.