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How Much Does it Cost to Get Braces

| June 10, 2014 | 1 Comment

Cost to Get Braces

braces-costBraces are the most common method used by orthodontist to straighten and align teeth. A large portion of the time, braces are purely for cosmetic purposes, but in rare occasions braces are necessary for dental reasons. Straightening teeth with braces can also help to widen the palate along with correcting the alignment of the jaw. Besides these dental reasons, keeping up an overall dental health can avoid other health problems along with boosting self-confidence. Children may not be thrilled silly during the time they’re wearing braces, but afterwards they will thank you now that they have a confident, happy smile.


Factors of Cost

There are multiple different types of braces which will affect the cost of the braces. The main three choices for braces are traditional metal, ceramic, and invisible. Traditional metal braces are the most affordable type but are also the most unfavorable due to their visual appearance. Dependent on the type of braces you choose and the complexity of the situation, plan on spending anywhere from $3,500 up to $11,000. Traditional braces are the least expensive, then ceramic braces, and lastly, invisible braces are the most expensive.

Types of Braces

Invisible braces are made out of mono-crystalline sapphire which allows the teeth to be seen through the braces and seem almost invisible from a distance. Ceramic braces are typically tooth colored which helps them blend in and be less noticeable. There can still be noticed, even from a distance but it is not as obvious as the bright colors of metal braces. Traditional metal braces are wired through anchors that are attached to the teeth. Typically every month, a visit to the orthodontist is necessary in order to tighten the wires and slowly move the teeth into the ideal placement. Metal braces are typically the only option when extreme correction is needed.

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Additional Costs

The quoted price for the braces sometimes only includes the actual braces themselves. There are necessary monthly visits required which may be at an extra cost. Depending on the insurance you hold, it may or may not cover these visits. Most of the time this is not an issue though because these visits are included in the original quote. Braces are usually required for 24 months depending on the severity of corrections but if they are required for longer periods of time, these extra visits will be additional costs as well.


Retainers are also typically recommended after the removal of the braces. If a retainer is not worn in the following months, the chances of teeth shifting back into their old position is possible. Retainers are not included in the price of the braces and will be an extra fee.

Ways to Save

There are many local and state programs that will help families with low income to cover the cost of braces. This could end up savings thousands in costs and expenses.

There are also lower cost options such as dental schools which will charge much less due to the inexperienced orthodontists. Students will be the one performing the installation but licensed dentists will be right there supervising the procedure.