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How much do segways cost?

| September 26, 2013 | 0 Comments

The SegwaySegway cost

What is the Segway

Dean Kamen’s invention – the Segway is yet to become a hit in today’s present day world. If most of us have not heard of the Segway today, we only need to attribute this to the lack of scooter frenzy in the present day times. The Segway that is nothing but a scooter – with a small change that it has just two wheels and runs on electricity is really a thrill to drive – if you did not know this yet, then you will have to stand on the Segway to drive it!


The thrill of riding your Segway

As we’ve already mentioned the Segway is a two wheel vehicle that will help you drive and you would have to stand all the while through while you drive on this. In earlier days there used to be a suffix to this Segway – HT which used to represent human transporter, which has today become more sophisticated and stylish like the PT, which is personal transporter. While you are driving your Segway, all you need to do is move in the forward direction if you want to go ahead and then lean backwards if you want to go back. If you want to negotiate a turn then the Lean Steer handlebar is there to help you turn left or right.

The mechanism that works behind

Since we said the driver needs to be standing upright while he is driving his Segway, we understand that it is extremely essential that your Segway remains upright and this is achieved with the use of computers that have motors and this will take care of ensuring the driver is well balanced as well. Your Segway will take you about twenty kilometers an hour, thanks to the electric motors that are put into them. When we talk of what works inside this astounding machine, we need to talk of the important task that the gyroscopic sensors do – these are the machinery in your Segway that will tell you that you are losing balance and letting you know that you are not as straight as you need to be. The motors are immediately functioned to get back the Segway and the driver back in perfect balance.

The price that you need to pay for your Segway

The Segway is definitely high on costs and might range anywhere from about a six thousand to seven thousand, but then the cost that goes into the making is also quite what with the need to maintain balance and all, and hence the high costs are justified. However, there are specific fields where the Segway has been nothing short of a hit – and these include the armed forces, namely the military and the police forces. The speed that the Segway can navigate is the main reason for its inclusion in both the military and the police forces as this is very essential here. However, the usage of the helmet has been recommended by more than one jurisdiction while driving the Segway.