How Much does Dry Ice Cost

| May 24, 2014 | 0 Comments

Cost of Dry Ice

cost-of-dry-iceDry ice, which is also known as “cardice”, is a solid form of carbon dioxide and is mainly used as a cooling agent. Its name is derived from the fact that it does not turn into liquid when heated and instead changes directly into gas. It has a lower temperature when compared to water ice and does not leave any residue. Dry ice can be used to preserve ice cream, foods etc.


Usual Cost

  • Dry ice can cost between $.075 and $3.00 per pound. This price will depend on the retailer and the geographical location.
  • Retailers of dry ice prefer to sell it in packages of between 7 and 10 pounds.
  • The amount of dry ice you need will depend on the weight of the product to be cooled and the length that it requires to remain cool. If the item is large and requiring transportation to a longer transport length, the more dry ice you will need. For instance, a one pound product travelling for 4 hours will need a twelve-ounce piece of dry ice.
  • While the cost of dry ice is higher than that of regular ice, it may be more cost effective to use dry ice. In order to achieve the same cooling, you will need 3 times more traditional ice than the dry ice.

Extra Costs

  • To transport dry ice, you will need an airtight container such as an ice chest. This sublimates 5 to ten pounds of dry ice after every 24 hours. Therefore, you should buy dry ice the moment you need it rather than keeping it.
  • Since dry ice is very cold, you will need insulated gloves to handle it. The price of insulated groves may range from as low as $44 to a high of $290.

Ways to Save

  • Mostly the retailers will give you a discount for buying huge quantities of dry ice. When buying in bulk, the price per pound will generally go down.
  • You should compare the prices of different retailers so as to settle for the best price.
  • To save on the cost of dry ice, you can choose to make your own dry ice.

Shopping for Dry ice

  • There are many retailers of dry ice. You can choose to buy from your local store. There are also many online resources that you can use to find the best offer on dry ice. There are online sellers who offer free delivery of dry ice for any location in the United States.
  • Remember to carry with you a heavy-duty airtight cooler for carrying the dry ice in your vehicle. Do not put dry ice in cardboard boxes or paper bags.
  • If the quantity is too heavy or too much, order from home. Go through the list of sellers in your online dry ice directory. The dry ice will get safely to your doorstep.