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How Much Does it Cost to Repair an iPhone

| May 24, 2014 | 0 Comments

Cost of Repairing an Iphone

cost-to-repair-iphoneEver since the first original model of the iPhone it was introduced by Apple in 2007, it has been one of the most popular types of smart phones. Statistics show that about one third of iPhone owners had their phones damaged in some way in 2012, with the most common problems being a cracked screen from dropping it or water damage from losing it in the toilet.


Repair Costs are Higher, Depending on the Model

The big question asked by iPhone owners is what will it cost to fix it? The answer depends on who it is fixed by and if the phone can be fixed at all or if you will need a new one. Currently, the iPhone 5 model is very expensive to repair because its parts are pricier than previous models. It may even be cheaper just to buy a new phone, depending on what is broken.

In fact, due to their costs, many independent phone repair companies will not even do repairs on the iPhone 5. If you have a broken iPhone 5, the cheapest option is to take it to an Apple store, as other places that will fix a damaged iPhone 5 have prices starting at around $250 and going up from there. Plus, if anyone other than Apple does the repairs, it voids the warranty so that should also be kept in mind.

Repair Via Apple Stores

If your iPhone is damaged and you decide to go through Apple to get it fixed, they will normally have it done in about five business days or may end up giving you an equivalent replacement phone if yours can’t be fixed. The costs depend on if the owner opted in for Apple Care coverage, however, that coverage does not pay for the damages if they are accidental.

If the customer instead opted in for Apple Care Plus, then it does cover two occasions of accidental damage, and the costs will be $79 for a service fee. If the customer did not buy either Apple Care then costs could run anywhere from $149 to replace the screen on one of the older iPhone models to as much as $269 on an iPhone 5.


Repairs Not from Apple Store

You can easily find other places besides the Apple Store to get your iPhone fixed by doing a Google search. The catch is that it will void your warranty and you will no longer be covered by Apple.

This also applies to if a customer decides to do the repairs. If you decide to go this route, you can buy repair manuals or “do it yourself” repair kits. So, if you know what you are doing, it could be the cheapest option, but you’d still need to buy the parts and as stated before, depending on the iPhone version, even just the parts are expensive.

The bottom line is that if your iPhone gets broken or damaged, your best bet may be to send it back to Apple if you have bought the insurance, or if not, consider running the risk of a voided warranty by doing it yourself.