How Much It Cost For Indian Products

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Indian Products Cost.



In this dismal situation led by COVID-19, many countries have restricted or minimized export and import services. We have the only option left to reconstruct our economy is to increase the use of Indian Brands (Swadeshi Indian Products). Undoubtedly stretching the implementation of Indian Brands will help us prevent the spread of Corona Virus and improve the economy altogether.

India is a business-centric nation. Indian Brands aren’t only serving in India but also have an impressive position in the global market. ‘Swadeshi movement’ is not a new movement for India which emphasizes the use of Indian products. The ‘Swadeshi movement’ driven by great freedom fighters was proven helpful for the independence of India.



MAKE IN INDIA – A Past continuous movement

In September 2014, Indian Government launched a new movement named MAKE IN INDIA. The aim behind it was to accelerate the growth of manufacturing sectors, to conquer the unemployment rate and to grow the GDP of India. Eventually, this strategy of government has been showing enchanting results. In 2019, India jumped 23 positions in the list of 190 countries according to the World Bank’s report.


VOCAL for LOCAL: Economy Booster Plan

In the evening of 12th May 2020, Narendra Modi-Prime Minister of India addressed the nation. He encouraged the citizens how to stay strong, healthy and helpful in this pandemic situation led by CORONA. He also emphasized the nation to use Indian products (Swadeshi Products) to help elevate our economy by one hand and punch the CORONA virus with another.

PM Sir named this movement as “VOCAL for LOCAL”.


Let me walk you through some lists of Indian brands with product costing:


Indian brands of Fabric and Garments

Peter England, Louis Phillipe, Alley Solly, Raymond, Siyaram Silk Mills, Bombay Dyeing, Mafatlal, Garden Vareli, American Swan, Gini & Jony, Monte Carlo, Reliance Retail, Vimal are Indian fabric and textile brands which exports their product to many nations.

A pair of fine swadeshi clothes averagely cost 2000 INR.


Indian brands of Facial products

Himalaya, Coloressence, Colorbar, Biotique Ayurvedic, VLCC and Elle 18 are leading cosmetic brands of India which hold good ranks in the global cosmetic market. Products of Himalaya and Biotique are a combination of Ayurveda and modern biotechnology.

These eminent Indian manufacturers export varieties of cosmetic products. These products cost 20% to 50% less than foreign products.


Indian Electronics brands

ONIDA, Godrej, TVS, Bajaj, USHA, ANCHOR, SURYA, Blue star, Voltas and Eveready are trusted Indian electronics brands from years. These Indian products are cheaper and efficient than imported ones.


Indian Automobile brands

TATA, Mahindra, Maruti, Hindustan Motors for cars and Hero, Bajaj, TVS for motorbike, are Indian automobile giants. These brands are famous for rough and tough use in off-road use and contain great durability. Indian automobile variants are properly designed for higher mileage and also last longer.

These variants are way more durable and suitable which comes in a lower price range.


Online shopping brands of India

FlipKart, YeBhi, Myntra, Naaptol, Snapdeal, HomeShop18, Yatra, MakeMyTrip and Cleartrip etc are Indian Online shopping sites. These sites are still developing and that’s why there may be some fluctuation one can experience while using it. But, these sites provide employment to many jobless people of India.


Indian TV, Computer and Mobile manufactures

HCL, Micromax, Reliance, Karbon, Spice etc are local Indian brands which produce TVs, Computer and Mobile phones. And HP, DELL, Microsoft, Samsung, Motorola, Sony and LG are foreign brands.

An average 20% to 40% lower price is seen when buying Indian products compared to foreign products.


Indian Brands for Footwear

Paragon, Lakhani, Khadims, VKC Pride, Lunar etc. are best-selling footwear brands of India.

A pair of durable, comfortable and fashionable shoes averagely costs about 1500 INR.


Indian Brands for Nutrition Tonic products

Patanjali has significant number of herbal nutritional swadeshi products like Badam pak, Chyawanprash , Amritrasayan etc. These are tested and certified products for improving immunity, strength, growth, stamina and memory. These products are available for kids, men and women.

Price of these swadeshi products generally starts from 350 INR.


Indian Brands for Tea and coffee

Taj Mahal, Wagh Bakri, Tulsi Green Tea, Red label tea, TATA, Brahmputra, Aasam, Girnar Tea, AVT Tea are Narasu’s Coffee are famous brands with which most Indians start their day.

Average cost of a 250gm tea patti is about 150 to 200 INR.


Indian Brands for Detergent powder and soaps

Hipoline, Fena, Ghadi, Ujala, Nima, Nirma, Sahara, Swastik and Vimal are washing powder brands of India which can work like a charm with or without a washing machine.

Detergent powder manufactured in India averagely costs 50 INR for 1kg.


Indian Brands for Packaged cold drinks

Kalimark Bovonto, Amul dairy drinks, Juices, Lemonade, Rasna, Frooti and Jaljeera are Indian cold drink sellers. There are also some local fruit juices, Buttermilk, etc. natural, healthy and inexpensive cold drinks available in mostly every corner of India.

These cold drinks generally cost under the 50 INR per package.


Biscuits and cookie manufacturing brands of India

Parle, Britannia, Sunfeast, Bisk Farm, Anmol biscuits, Surya Foods, Dukes, Surya Food Biscuits and Cookies, Horlicks Biscuits et cetera are main biscuits and cookies seller Indian local brands.

Normally a pack of a biscuit costs about 10 INR to 40 INR.


Indian Brands for Shaving creams

Park Avenue, Emami, Balsara and Godrej are widely used Shaving creams belonging to India. Generally these swadeshi products are filled with non-harmful chemicals. Some of these shaving creams are effective on each kind of skin.

Cost of a good Indian Shaving creams starts from 40 INR.


Indian brands for Toothpaste products

Babool, Dabur, Vicco, Neem and Patanjali Dant-kanti are Indian origin toothpaste brands. Some of these Indian brands are totally herbal and harmful.

These toothpastes averagely cost 100 INR for a pack of 200gm.


Indian Brands for Pain reliever ointment

VOLINI and Fast relief (Emami) are Indian born companies and have major amounts of herbal ingredients in their products to provide quicker and longer relief.

These swadeshi products cost about 30 INR to 50 INR.


Distillers and Wineries of India

Every Indian state has its own local liquor type like Kaju Feni in Goa, Apo in Arunachal Pradesh, Kallu from Kerala, Mahua in several states etc. are local fermented liquor and believed to be boozier and less harmful liquor.

There are well-known Indian origin distillers and wineries like OLD MONK, White Rhino, Kingfisher, Bira 91, Myra Misfit, La Reserve etc.


Water purifying brands of India

Bisleri, Himalayan, Oxyrich and Rail Neer are top Indian local brands for quality packaged drinking water. There are many other state-wise packaged drinking water purifiers.

Generally, Water purifying brands sell a bottle of 1 liter for 20 INR.


Steps we should consider to support Indian Economy

The government is hustling to restore our economy which is under devastation due to continuous extension of lockdown in the country. Being a supportive and responsible citizen, we need to go for some obligations given below even after we get rid of CORONA:

  • Choose our local brands
  • Prefer hiring Indian employees, contractors and freelancers
  • Review the products so that it can be improved
  • Invest in Indian brands
  • Give donations if possible
  • Follow the tax rules strictly