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How Much Does Rehab Cost

| April 4, 2020 | 0 Comments

Rehab Cost

rehab cost



Don’t worry, if you’re addicted to any substance like drugs, alcohol or even tobacco, you can start your life anew by breaking the habit. No matter how it gives high feels and makes one addicted to it, but I think, if you really want to get rid from your habit then definitely you can.

For the modern society, to get intoxicated is a fashion. Mostly adults are driven towards the alcohol and drugs because they want to sound familiar with the trends, movies and to look cool but they end up getting hijacked.



What is a Rehab?

A rehabilitation center (A Rehab) is a place where the drug and alcohol addicted persons can break their addiction habit to live a new life. Rehab centers provide addiction treatments to help one become sober.


Types of Rehab treatments with cost

There are several types of treatments available in Rehab centers. Type of treatment highly depends on the type of addiction one is going through. Cost of rehab differs as per the type and period of the treatment.


1) Detoxification Rehabilitation (DETOX)

In the detoxification, the toxic substances are removed from the body and withdrawal effects are treated. It is a cleansing process to get rid from substances. Substances with side-effects of detox need vulnerable treatments. It majorly includes inpatient detox and outpatient detox.

Cost: $800 to $7000


2) Inpatient Rehab

In inpatient Rehab, a patient stays at the center and receives treatments. More severe addictions of drugs are treated with inpatient Rehab programs.

Cost: $4000 to $20000 (monthly)


3) Outpatient Rehab

In outpatient Rehab, patient stays at home and visits the Rehab center frequently to seek experts. Outpatient programs are cheaper than inpatient programs and outpatient programs are for patients, who have moderate level of addiction.

Cost: $2000 to $10000 (monthly)


4) Treatment at residence

The patient is treated at his home. Experts and supervisors visit the patient at home and provide the required treatments.

Cost: $2000 to $18000 (monthly)

Some luxurious Rehab treatment can cost more than $30000 monthly.


5) Medications

Patient is treated with proper medications and tests. Generally, it is used for alcohol addicted patients. Even after going through inpatient and outpatient treatments, some highly addicted patients have to keep on medications for years.

Cost: $4000 to $10000 (yearly)


Factors affecting the cost

  • Type of the center
  • Facilities of center
  • Type of treatment
  • Period of treatment
  • Location


Non-profit and state funded Rehab centers

There are some non-profit organizations and Non-government organization (NGOs), which help the addicted patient to be a sober. But they help the patients who aren’t able to pay their treatment expenses. Some centers give free treatments while some treats with least cost.


Is Rehab treatment covered in insurance?

Yes. There are many Rehab centers out there which can accept your medical insurance.


Benefits of the Rehab treatments

You might have noticed that what complications an addicted person have to go through. Some patients’ get mentally disturb that they react with suicidal thoughts and actions.

  • Sober, Happy and Peaceful life
  • Greater career opportunities
  • More expanded life
  • Better relationships with family, friends
  • Decreases crime


How to save money?

If you’re not an addicted it’s best not to go that way.

  • Ask your insurance company
  • Go for NGO/Non-profit organizations/ State funded centers
  • Stay away from addiction substances after having treatment.

There are thousands of people who have said goodbye to drugs and liquor. Have a cheerful life ahead.