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How Much Does a Root Canal Cost

| April 3, 2020 | 0 Comments

Root Canal Cost

cost of root canal


As we all know, ignoring the toothache and teeth sensitivity can worsen the health of our teeth. Today, we’re going to talk about the Root canal and the crown.

What is Root Canal treatment?

Root Canal is dentistry treatment, in which an Endodontist saves or repairs the damaged or decayed tooth so that, patient can get rid from tooth pain and further decay. Inflammation or infection in teeth can cause this situation to happen.



When do you need Root Canal?

This treatment is needed when pulp inside of your teeth gets infected or inflamed. Cracked tooth, some dental procedures and deep decay can trigger the root canal to happen.


Symptoms of Root Canal

  • Pain when chewing or eating (Toothache)
  • Cracked or chipped tooth
  • Severe sensitivity when eating hot or cold food
  • Swollen or paining gum
  • Decayed or darkened gum


Steps of Root Canal Treatment

  • X-ray analysis of tooth and anesthetic.
  • Placing a protecting and isolating sheet-Dental Dam, after numbing the area
  • Cleaning the pulp and shaping the space using special instrument
  • Filling the root canal using biocompatible materials such as “Gutta-percha” with adhesive cement
  • Temporary filling is placed
  • Installing dental crown or post or following other restoration procedure


How much Root canal treatment cost?

Root canal treatment prevents bacteria or fluid from entering the tooth. Cost of dental root canal varies as per the affected area.

Generally, it will take two visits with your endodontist. In the first one, check-up would be done. And in the second one, restoration process would be done.

Cost of root canal treatment varies per the type of treating area:

Cost for teeth: $250 to $1700.

Cost for Bicuspids: $400 to $1950

Cost for Molars: $400 to $2250


What is a Crown and cost of a Crown?

A dental crown protects and restores teeth. It is also used for broken teeth to not break further. Installing a crown depends on the location of the treating tooth. Teeth placed at back of the mouth like premolars and molars are used for chewing so that it requires crowns.

Types of crown with cost:

  • Porcelain crowns costs $750 to $3300
  • Metal crowns/ gold alloy crowns costs $700 to $3000
  • Porcelain fused with metal crowns costs $650 to $1700


What is the difference between Root canal and Tooth extraction?

Root canal is done to save damaged or decayed teeth, whereas Extraction completely removes damaged teeth.


How long does a Root canal last?

According to Steven B. Horne, DDS, 95% of Root canal procedures are successful.

In most cases, root canal-treated-tooth survive for lifetime, if the permanent restoration such as a crown or cavity fillinghad done. It minimally lasts about 8 years.


Do’s and Don’ts after Root Canal treatment

  • Eat soft foods which require little chewing or no chewing.
  • Avoid sticky, hard, cold and hot food.
  • Ask your Endodontist for queries.


Tips for saving repeated procedures and money

  • If the damaged area is at the chewing part of teeth, go for a crown
  • Keep visiting your dentist for check-ups
  • Don’t use sharp tools to clean your teeth at home
  • Even after a successful root canal, avoid extremely hot, cold and hard food.