Anniversary Gift Cost

| March 3, 2020 | 0 Comments

How much does an anniversary gift cost?

How much anniversary gift cost



Anniversary gifts are very capricious things. The rule that generally apply while buying an anniversary gift is that the budget of the gift should be directly proportional to the time you and your partner are in relation with each other. If you have started dating and this is the first anniversary celebration, you can start with a nice bouquet of roses say $5-10, or may a dine-out worth $20-70 would be appropriate.

Cost of an anniversary gift


The basic rule, as mentioned above which goes while buying an anniversary gift is that: the budget of the gift depends directly on the number of years the couple has spent with each other. The more time they have spent with each other, the more expensive the gift is ought to be! However, on an average, newer relationships tend to spend more than the older ones!

For people who are married, the cost of buying an anniversary gift ranges anywhere from $5 to $4000. But on an average, I’d have to say that the average price of an anniversary gift would have to be $100.


It’s better to say that while giving each other gift of love, no rules apply and hence no budgets apply. In general you can gift your partner a bouquet of roses that can cost around $5. A wrist watch that cost around $10, it could be a nice dinner than can be of anywhere ranging from $50 to $100. Going out on the anniversary day for a one day trip is now a days, the most trending.

A typical one day trip to a nearby hill station can cost anywhere from $100 to $300. Apart from that it could be any specific gift that a person likes in particular like a book, may be a clothing, maybe some jewellery item. All of above can cost anywhere starting from as low as $20, rising up to as high as $2000.

How to save?

Rules of saving while buying any gift applies here as well. You need to book it in advance so that you have enough time to compare prices, either online or offline. Although offline prices are generally low and if you are lucky to have your anniversary come some days after the big online sales that these e-commerce website celebrates, your anniversary gift’s budget can be cheaper than you ever thought.

These online sales offer 50 percent flat discount on their big discount days. Watch out for it and gift your partner the gift he/she wants without spending your salary much!

Keeping on collecting coupons regularly is what you can start doing. And when the day is near, is when you can utilize your coupons and gain a discount of 10 to 20 percent minimum on the gift that you plan to buy in for your partner.