Singapore travel Cost

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How much does it cost to travel to Singapore?

how much it cost to travel Singapore



If you observe on a world map, Singapore might be smaller than your city then why it is so famous? Because it is a complete amalgamation of culture, nature and technology in a very little space. Singapore has tri-culture in society, as most of the people are from India, Malaysia and China which allows you to enjoy food, festivals, a tradition of these cultures in one place. They have the super clean street, sky scrapers, endless events and outstanding festivals around the city which are enough to bring people though it is more expensive than other neighbour countries.

Marina bay sand, Gardens by the Bay, Singapore zoo are most visited places because of its unique speciality. Sentosa Island is a beach destination which consists of underwater world aquarium where you swim with dolphins, people admire this experience a most and especially kids. Often celebrities’ do visit for shopping, enjoying nightlife as Singapore is famous for that too.



Singapore travel cost


  • Singapore is considered as a hub spot in South Asia hence you can get frequent flights even without layover from America or Europe. One-way trip to Singapore takes somewhere around $250 – $350, depends on the time of year you visit.
  • Average traveller spends $120 per day in Singapore which is higher than expenditure in neighbouring countries such as Malaysia, Vietnam, or Cambodia but it’s worth it.
  • Daily break down of expense for a single person is – $21 for a meal, $8 for local transportation and $75 for accommodation. So, if you are planning to visit for one week then it will amount to around $1700 for a couple & $850 for a single.
  • Many travellers praise the nightlife of Singapore but it will put some extra pressure of $40 on your pocket so if you are going tight on your budget just skip it.


How to save money


1)Add nearby countries in your trip

As Singapore is a small country which takes hardly 4-5 days to explore, you can add nearby countries like Malaysia or Vietnam in your journey because these are even cheaper than Singapore. In this way, you can easily save about $700 of your air ticket and enjoy one more week to travel.


2)Use public transportation

Singapore has a strong local transportation system like bus or taxi or metro which has its presence in almost all parts of the country. Bus pass charge only $10 per day and $13 for three days. Booking a private cab and roaming around will eat more money rather better option is to save it and spend it on other stuff. At last, getting a taxi in Singapore is very easy and they have fix charges per kilometres don’t hesitate to use this facility whenever required.

3)Stay in hostel

Although hotel rates for a standard hotel or even a luxurious hotel is cheaper than you pay in any other western country, still staying in a hostel is the way which allows you to cut down on your expense by a significant amount. Even if you save $53 a day on accommodation then around $350 is what you can save in a week.