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DSLR Camera Cost

| March 13, 2020 | 1 Comment

How much it cost of a DSLR camera?

How Much camera cost



DSLR cameras (Digital single lens reflex) are currently the most popular type of cameras that are used for photography. Technically, what led to the rise of DSLR is the newer reflex design system. The lens used inside a DSLR is interchangeable which makes DSLR a multipurpose camera. It also makes DSLR a better camera than the previously used digital cameras. There have also been inventions thereafter, for example: after the inventions of a DSLR, there has been invention of cameras without a mirror. But to date, DSLR’s popularity is untouched and rising.


The price range of DSLR starts from a $250 to $7000. And I cannot guarantee for sure, where this higher or lower end of this price range ends. For, a used camera may even cost lesser than $250 and a customized camera may even cost more than $7000. However, if you are a beginner, intermediate or expert in photography who is looking to explore different options while buying DSLR, this article is meant to help you know the usual costs of a DSLR camera.



 Cost of DSLR camera.


  • A usual DSLR camera for beginner is supposed to have 24.2 Megapixel clarity, 3-3.2 inch display, continuous shooting speed of 5 to 6 fps and 1080 pixel video resolution. Such a DSLR camera can cost an average of around $400. Some cameras come with 35-megapixel clarity and 4K or HD quality maximum video resolution which are also suggested for beginners. The cost of such camera’s ranges from $1100 to $1500.
  • For intermediates, the specifications have to upgrade than what they are for a beginner. 30.4 Megapixel clarity, 3.2-inch display, continuous shooting speed of 7 fps and 4K full-time video recording, is what an intermediate user’s DSLR camera supposed to have. Such a camera, typical costs on an average around, $1700. As in beginner, so in intermediates, there are cameras with higher specifications which such as advanced AF system and in-built Wi-Fi/GPS. The cost range of such DSLR’s is $3500 to $4600.
  • Experts are termed experts because not only do they have the best cameras in the world but also, they know how to click the best photographs using cheaper cameras. So, if you are an expert and reading this article, this section might not apply for you as much as it does for beginners and intermediate photographers. Usually, experts carry a DSLR that has specifications like 45.4-megapixel clarity, 3.2-inch touch screen, fps of 7 and 99 cross-type AF systems with a 4K full-time video capture. The cost of such cameras on an average is $3200. As stated previously in this article there is no upper limit cost which means that expert’s DSLRs can cost even more than $7000.

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How to save camera cost?


Irrespective of the brand that you are going to buy, you are going to earn the same title i.e. A Photographer. This is the first tip to save at least 5 to 7 percent of the money that you plan to buy your DSLR from.


Some usual ways to save while buying a DSLR are to buy a DSLR on one of the many big discount days that are offered by huge e-commerce websites b) buying a DSLR through one of best deals available on Black Friday. Such deals can offer you on an average 10 percent discount than buying DSLR’s on days without discount deals.


If you are an extremely talented photographer, you can even consider, buying a used DSLR. Used DSLRs tend to cost 30 to 50 percent cheaper, depending on the time duration for which they have been used previously and/if there are any defects/damages inside it.