How much does a Wedding Photographer Cost?

| March 12, 2020 | 3 Comments

The Cost of Wedding Photography: How Much Should You Expect to Pay?

Costs of Photography



A wedding is one of the life time memorable celebrations of our life and it is said to be incomplete without capturing these best moments of life which will be cherished in the years to come.

So, the role of a wedding photographer is very important in making wedding the most noteworthy event of one’s life.

At the point of choosing a wedding photographer, wedding photography costs are the ones which have to be considered while calculating the total wedding cost.



Photographer cost.

Wedding photographer costs depends on various factors like the venue of your wedding as photographers in expensive cities may cost more than in other cities, kit they use, the kind of services and packages you have chosen and the photographer’s expertise and portfolio. Some photographer may charge per hour or some of them offer you a package.

On an average, wedding photographer costs generally $1,150 to $3,100. Here if we count per hour cost then it generally costs $100 to $500 per hour. So, the average per hour price for a wedding photographer comes to around $250. In general terms, a wedding photographer will take about 12% of your complete wedding budget.

Some parts and services to include in  Photographer cost.


Wedding photographer costs typically cover six hours and an extensive volume of coverage. If your event lasts longer then it will cost you more and extra hours will be charged accordingly.


If your wedding function is out of the town or your photographer has to travel some distance then it may cost you per mile. Sometimes for a distant wedding function, you may have to pay for the ticket fare also.

Squad Size:

If you want more professional work and more candid shots then the photographer may need some assistance. And it costs you more. Assistant photographer generally costs $50-$70 per hour.

Photo Editing:

A large amount of time is consumed in editing and creating amazing photos from the collection of photos. And wedding photography costs vary as per the time photographer needs for it.

Copyright Cost:

Some photographer’s package does not include the costs of print’s copyright and so you have to pay to get the original size of them.

Experienced Photographer:

Many photographers learnt photography by their self only while many of them have got a degree in it and learned it from experts. Every photographer has his/her own set of skills and costs may vary as per their expertise.

Additional Cost:

If you need another album than the one offered by the photographer then you have to pay additional for it. Nowadays everyone needs a digital copy of photos and that’s why some of the photographers are providing digital copies in a Pen drive or uploading it online on a portal. It may increase the cost of wedding photography accordingly.

How to Save Money in Wedding Photography?

When you are looking for a wedding photographer, go through all their information like their costs and packages fully as these vary extensively from photographer to photographer and can have a significant impact on wedding photography costs.

  • You have to fix your budget for your wedding photography and then contact service providers that can offer photography services within your budget.
  • Book early to get the discount benefit.
  • Instead of a hard copy album of your wedding photography, opt for having a digital copy of complete photography to save printing and material costs.