How Much Does an Engine Swap Cost

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Cost to Swap Engines

cost-to-swap-engineIf you are looking to really soup up your ride or you are in the unfortunate situation of having a car with a failed engine, you might want to look into an engine swap. An engine swap is a cheaper alternative for repairing or modifying your current car versus purchasing an entirely new car. The idea is to increase your cars horsepower and gain a larger, more powerful engine without the need of purchasing a new frame. If the modification is done correctly by a reputable mechanic, it shouldn’t be too costly but when done incorrectly, you could be looking at a money pit.


How Much Does This Cost

A large portion of the cost to have an engine swap done is going to be the cost for labor. A mechanic could charge you as little as $500 or as much as $3500 just in labor costs alone. Never forget though that the more you spend on labor, the higher quality the job will be. Spending less than $1000 on labor for an engine swap could lead to problems shortly down the road which could have easily been avoided.

The make and model of your car depend greatly on how much a new engine will cost you. You will have multiple choices between how much horsepower you want, etc. so a lot of that cost depends on your needs. A new engine when paying out of pocket could cost anywhere from $3000 up to $8000. When thinking about which engine you want in your car, also consider the difficulty of installing it. A mechanic will charge you based on the skill and time needed to complete the job so if you choose a high difficulty installation, you will see that reflect the cost of labor.

What’s Included

The quote that a mechanic will give you for the installation includes removing the old engine and installing the new engine. Most of the time, this will be done when your engine no longer works and the car is not functional. Some of the main reasons an engine will fail include overheating and inadequate maintenance. If routine oil changes are not kept up, oil will burn dry and the chances of your engine exploding are almost inevitable.

Most of the time, included with an engine swap is an upgraded horsepower. If you are upgrading your engine, there’s no point in getting a lower quality engine. Once the engine has been swapped the mechanic should also do a final test to confirm everything is running properly. Along with the engine swap, enhancing the cars fuel efficiency is typically part of the job.


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Extra Costs

When an engine is replaced, there are often many other parts that should be replaced as well. Some typical add-ons that come with an engine swap include a cable type transmission for around $600, a new timing belt and water pump for about $175 and a plug wire set that averages $65. Rewiring, fuel pump installation, and other various aftermarket features could add up to another $500 easily. If you are spending the money to get an engine swap, you will most likely want these additional features.

Ways to Save

Many time, an auto shop will want to charge you just for an estimate along with a computer check. A way to save around $50 would be to call around to multiple shops and find a few that will provide you with a free estimate. Having at least 3 quotes will give you a good idea of a reasonable price and help to choose the best shop for your needs.