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Hair Transplantation Cost

| March 5, 2020 | 0 Comments

How much does a hair transplantation cost?

hair transplant Cost



Two of the most popular terminologies while talking about hair transplantation are FUE and FUT. Understanding these two terms are important:

1) FUE : follicular unit extraction

FUE is a non-surgical method. The patient undergoing this type of hair transplant is ensured that he/she will undergo no-pain. That is because the doctor here uses anaesthesia for ensuring the same. In this method, the doctor removes hair from any other side apart from the bald side and implants it on the bald side.

2) FUT : follicular unit transplantation


In this type of surgical method, the hair is removed with the portion of skin that is beneath the hair. Both the skin and the hair are transplanted to the bald place together. Stitches here are taken by the doctor and therefore no assurance as of no-pain if a patient is willing to undergo this method.

Be it FUE or FUT, Hair transplantation’s cost generally ranges from $2,800 to $12,000.


Cost of hair transplantation.

Cost of hair transplantation are generally calculated on number of days or number of sessions that the sessions last for. A typical one day session that may include analysing 3000 hair, wherein price per hair can be around $0.17. Meaning that the cost of complete session can be around $500 to $668. Whilst a typical two day session cost based on the same calculation i.e. $0.17 per hair can go up to $836. in which first day around 3000 hair are transplanted and on the second day 2000 another hair are transplanted.

A typical two day session of hair transplant in which, on both days, 3000 hair are transplanted can go up to $919.  As the sessions increase, so does the price. For a typical 5 session therapy in which on day one and two 6000 hairs are transplanted can cost $0.14 per hair if lasted for 5 sessions can go up to $1154. For 6 sessions, the cost can go up to $1293 and for 7  sessions the cost can go up to $1850.

The cost while doing hair transplantation is calculated based on grafts. One graft cost approximately one graft is able to give 3 hairs. At someplace, the minimum package starts from $489 to $559 and can go up to a maximum of $1257.

How to save?

The easiest way and unconditional way to save on your hair transplant is to pay via your credit card. Credit card companies offer great points on your spending in such a transplant that typically ranges around $4000 and offers you points which if you redeem comes somewhere around $500.

Like it is in other businesses, so is in hair transplant, you can specifically save on hair transplant in the months like October, November and December. The saving is somewhere around 5-10 percent cheaper than it is in other months.

Very often there are medical camps which are going on in private as well as government hospitals. Government hospitals are obviously a lot cheaper than the private ones, so one way to save is to opt for a hair transplant at a government hospital.

There are also subsidies depending on which section of economic class are you coming from, you can opt for the same and save around 15 to 20 percent of your money.