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| March 4, 2020 | 1 Comment

How Much It Cost for a Medical Mask?

how much it cost for corona virus mask




Masks are personal protecting equipment (PPE) which is generally intended to prevent the spreading of various diseases like the coronavirus, swine flu , bird flu and hantavirus.Experts said that when suffering people, using a mask can serve to defend others from becoming infected. And also, using a mask around those who are infected will reduce your risks of becoming infected.

There are many types of masks available in the market like respirators and surgical masks which are generally used in healthcare industries. From the various types of medical masks, you have to select the one that best fits you and it is a very easy process. There are differences in design, security standards and prices that should be included in the choice.


Procedure Masks

They are simple in design with 2 hoops to cover the mask to the face and are utilized by hospital grounds, isolation departments, employees and delivery departments amongst other sections of the clinic. Though, they are not fit to apply in the operation theater. Its price ranges from $5 to $13.


Surgical Masks

These are essentially used by the operation room team and have two bands that tighten the mask to the face and they are designed to defend high danger of a fluid leak.

Their costs are increasing nowadays due to the coronavirus on online e-commerce platforms. As this virus is spreading over the globe so fast.

Every country’s government warns its citizens to be prepared for a Covid-19 emergency and after this warning within 24 hours, medical masks costs increased a lot suddenly.

Various types of masks (respirators) are available in the market like N-series, P-series, and R- series out of which N-series masks are recommended for air borne viruses like coronavirus.

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From all the masks, we have listed below the best ones:

  • 3M N91
  • 3M N95
  • 3M N99
  • 3M 1860
  • 3M 1870
  • 3M 8210

N91 means it can filter out 91% particles in the air. Similarly, N95 and N99 can filter out 95% and 99% particles respectively.It is proved that N99 mask are effective against fighting 99% of airborne particles. It filters most of pollutants, allergens, bacteria and viruses from entering our respiratory system.N99 mask are suitable mask to fight COVID-19.N99 mask costs  $15 to $70

As the wired stated that all the best Medical Face Mask sellers increased their costs to 4 times. Like e-commerce platform, a packet of masks valued $75 before increased to $99 per pack. As per the Keep report, one of the companies selling medical-grade N95 respirator masks increased its cost from $10 to $60.

As per some expert statisticians, it is all the marks of high demand. Higher costs of medical masks are the market’s method of yelling that we require more masks! Increasing costs of masks have the following advantages:

  1. Only the people who require masks will buy them so hospitals and patients who need them will get them easily.
  2. Higher costs of masks are also a sign for producers to produce more masks. So needed people will get it easily.

Our advice here is to find the best mask for you if you needed and wear it properly as the right mask could place you in danger if it is not worn perfectly. The nostrils and mouth must be fully covered and form a seal throughout the face to block gaps that raise the danger of inhaling illness.

If you don’t want to buy or wear a mask then how can we protect ourselves from such illness?

If you have any illness and you do not wear a mask then the best thing to do is to stay at home and keep you and your things away from the family members. And always wash your hands, wipe down with sanitizing wipes, keep your phone neat also. Stay Hydrated, Eat Healthily!