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How Much Does a Corona Virus Test Cost

| March 25, 2020 | 0 Comments

How Much Does a Corona Virus Test Cost.

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By the way, it’s not an ignorable matter because not the several countries but, almost the entire Earth is suffering from CORONA pandemic. Amidst this crisis, it is significant to get tested for CORONA (COVID-19) to knock it down.

Test methods for Corona Virus

  • Detection of Virus (rRT-PCR)
  • Detection of Antibodies
  • Chest CT scans


The laboratory will need the following samples for COVID-19 Test

  • Swab test: A sample of inside of the throat or nose.
  • Nasal aspirate: Lab technician will inject saline solution into nose and then remove the sample with minor suction.
  • Tracheal aspirate: A sample will be collected from your lungs using a thin, lighted tube.
  • Sputum test: This sample can be coughed out or taken from your nose.
  • Blood test: It includes collecting your blood with syringe for tests.

These all collected samples will be analyzed as test for corona virus. If you’ve any query or confusion about CORONA VIRUS, then please visit to WHO  for brief details.



What are the symptoms of CORONA VIRUS?

Following symptoms can be felt within 2-10 days after getting infected:

  • Dry cough
  • Sore throat
  • High fever
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Loss of taste and smell


Cost of testing Corona Virus

Many state governments have started the CORONA Virus telephonic hotlines and free test facilities in infected countries.

Mostly every country is providing free testing. In some countries your insurance companies will cover your test charges. Talk to your insurance provider before testing.

Corona Virus Test Cost

UK    –   $200-$400

USA   –  $135-$500

As per CDC, charges will depend onto type of your insurance.

India –  $80

Indian government readily giving free testing service and central government has instructed the private labs not to charge more than 80$.

Bangladesh – $5-$50

The kit uses the Rapid Blot-Dot technique to detect coronavirus positive cases within 15 minutes. The technique detects antibodies created in the body in response to the virus.

Italy & China – $100-$1000 (Max)


Corona Test kit/ Corona Virus Test kit

Some countries have implemented it and some are working on it like, USA and India are going to implement new Test Kit system which will allow to get tested for CORONA Virus from home. Citizens will be able to send their samples in test kit approved by the government to the certified labs and they will get results online.


When and Where should you get tested?

As the going out isn’t safe and most part of the world is locked down, one should consult the symptoms on hotlines and then should consult the doctor if necessary. Then you can get tested for corona virus in laboratory or sending samples in a lab.


What about CORONA Virus Vaccine and Medicines?

NO, it’s a rumor. Researchers and Doctors are contributing their maximum time and efforts for making the vaccine all around the world. I hope we will find it sooner but, WHO has said that it may take around one and a half year to prepare vaccine. And there is no particular medicine available for the same. Nowadays, patients are treated with medicines of Flu with the guidelines of WHO(WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION).


What to do if you think you are infected?

You should seek doctor after reaching to telephonic helpline.


What should you do in this situation to save money and health?

Play your part to save the world, and it just about linger.

  • Break the chain of virus infection from spreading.
  • Don’t panic, it can’t attack you when you’re at home or at safe place.
  • Be aware and fact-check every detail on official websites like who (Corona virus site from the WHO.)
  • Avoid close contact, use masks, sanitizers and adapt healthy habits.
  • Stay at home and advise others to do so.