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How Much Does it Cost to Build a Deck

| May 24, 2014 | 1 Comment

Cost to Install Decking

cost-of-deckingCreation of brand new deck can provide betterment to both the function as well as look of your home in pleasing way. This will enhance the resale value of your home too. The required investment for the deck can vary depending on square footage, different materials used and also whether you prefer to hire a contractor or not. You may consider few things associated with the creation of desk.


Type and Size of the Deck

Associated with the cost you have to consider the size along with required. If the square footage is large the cost will be proportionate to that. In this context the type of deck boards you might use will also a considerable factor in determine the net cost. Say an example, application of the low cost type of lumber available. As a result you can easily build a 7-by-9 foot deck for $500 in materials. As far as Higher decks are concerned you have to pour concrete pilings for the given support pillars.

Relevance of Material

It is an honest fact that Treated lumber is the generally used deck material among people to fulfill their dreams, but some people may have other ideas. Say an example Redwood is a good-quality wood choice; otherwise you may prefer tongue along with groove pine decking to assist keep bugs as well as plants from rooting through. It is said that PVC Boards are also a great option due to their potential in weather resistant and also won’t crack and also not required painting. It is great thing that they are available in the market both in designs that mimic wood grain as well as more vibrant colors as truly desired. In case if you don’t require a raised deck, you can definitely consider a flagstone /poured concrete option based on your choices.

Other Factors to Consider

There is also possibility that you would able to improve your brand new deck with gas lines for a barbecue-$320, built-in speakers-$260 etc. You can also think that if you have a relatively old deck, as a result it needs to be eradicated. This can truly add up between $1,100 and $3,100 to a valid contractor’s cost, based on how much amount he actually charges to have your old decking clearly hauled away. You might be fortunate in a situation that some may consider this free of charge if your project is big one.

There are many things to consider while plan to build a deck of your choice. But you should have proper idea about the materials and area you target. There should be a proper budgeting to prevent any wastages often financially may hurt you.