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How Much Does Paving a Driveway Cost

| May 23, 2014 | 0 Comments

Cost to Pave Driveway

paving-drivewayThe actual cost required for paving a new driveway is basically based on its size, labor along with quality materials. When buying a driveway paving materials it is relevant to clearly compare upfront prices to long-term based costs. It is true fact that some materials are affordable to install, but unfortunately require continuous maintenance and may not last for long time due to quality. But the category of paving materials are truly expensive to install only need little maintenance. Here we have to consider about few things. They are mentioned below


Area of Driveway

A driveway (single) will basically be 8 or 10 feet wide suitable for a car. But a double driveway may be clearly twice that width. Obviously a good driveway extends from a street curb to a garage while curves/ bends add to the relevant square footage.

Matter of Excavation

Actually Driveway paving begins with excavation, wiping out dirt for a new driveway/ removing old material if you’re reconstructing a driveway. But it can be vary with the nature of soil and the amount of material has to be removed. In case if you required to excavate below a frost line, need to dig a couple of feet deep and will be expensive.

Excellent Gravel Base

You should clearly plan on at least Two to Three inches of truly compacted gravel. It might vary based on the region. We have to consider the fact that 15 by 20 feet relevant driveway with Three inches of gravel can approximately cost as little as $250 for a base. A quality base can be a price of more than $1,100.

Cost of Surfacing

There also exists an option that you can consider about your driveway completed with gravel. In this modern time majority of people choose concrete or asphalt based on their preferences. There is possibility that Concrete may cost $6 to $9 a square foot, but that may vary with the region and also how deep relevant concrete is.


When we consider other effective paving options, like brick or stone, it will be highly expensive in terms of installation cost. The materials like Bricks have to be set individually, at the same time concrete or asphalt can be clearly spread in bulk.

There are basic things are to be considered when you thing about paving a drive way. A proper course of action should be there to eradicate wastage of time and money.