Wedding Dress Cost

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How much does it cost to buy a wedding dress?

Wedding-How much It Cost


Shopping a dress for wedding is a very unique experience. Every bride wants her wedding dress to be as unique as possible. For this, she searches until the end of the world, until she finds something unique and different. As the bride wears this dress on one of the most important days of her life, so it is likely for her to spend more than usual money on her wedding dress. According to a survey, brides wanting to wear white, blue and black wedding dress are more than brides wanting to wear other color wedding dresses.


Wedding dress which are at some place colloquially known as wedding gown, do vary widely in terms of price. Typically, the range of a wedding dress is $300 to $1,700. Having said that doesn’t mean you cannot buy a wedding dress for far above and below those prices.

Costs of Wedding dress 



Trends show that wedding dress shops generally charge more than the online stores. A standard wedding dress cost should include every cost that is associated with the wedding dress. Meaning, starting from the alterations, its undergarment and accessories, even its cleaning and preservations should be included. This may lift up the above-mentioned cost by $500 to $700 more to make up a complete cost for a wedding dress. A wedding dress lace that is hand stitched usually tend to be more costly than the other.


Good tailors always keep alterations as minimum as possible. However, a traditional Indian bride also prefers stitched wedding dress instead of readymade. Anywhere from world India is best suitable country for traditional Asian wedding dress! A safe way to be at is, plan for alterations in advance. Keep extra money safe side for it. Alterations costs can go anywhere from $40 to $100.


Apart from alterations, bridal accessories— bridal undergarments, etc. can cost at an average $150. These accessories are the ones that give the complete touch-up and make a bridal look as lucrative as possible. The usual range of cost for undergarments and accessories can go anywhere from $100 to $200.


A good cloth can always be used. It may Net, silk or any heavy material. So do clean and preserve your wedding gown. Remember that cleaning and preserving always helps. So please do not be surprised if you have to spend money on your wedding dress even after your wedding! Whether you plan on wearing your wedding dress again or not is a different question altogether. But a clean and preserved wedding dress can even be passed on to a future generation. Wedding dress cleaning and preservation can cost anywhere between $200 to $300.


How to save?


  • Regularly visiting wedding exhibitions can give you an idea of the designs in general. Visiting these exhibitions can get you knowledge about the charges and these charges are discounted charges. What you get in the showroom of a designer is price labeled 20-30 percent extra than at the wedding exhibitions.
  • One of the most common ways to save while purchasing your wedding dress is to visit a vintage store. Vintage stores have cheap wedding dresses that should be considered. Such vintage store dresses are priced at 10 percent lower than the other ones.
  • Purchasing a used one is another option to save money. Most wedding gowns are used by brides usually just for one day. For this reason, getting a used dress is often lucrative because it can cost 50 percent lower price than the new one.