Wedding Invitation Card Cost

| February 29, 2020 | 0 Comments

How much does a wedding invitation Card cost?

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It can be cotton fiber made; it can be made of a paper. Due to the digitalization, it can be made of very nice template or a video. People also prefer sending sweet boxes, some people prefer it to be golden, and some people prefer it be silver. Wedding invitations cost vary according to its design, the raw material of which it is made up of and the elements that it comprises of.

Wedding invitations are generally purchased in bulk and according to a study, On an average a set of 100 wedding invitations cost somewhere around $150 to $250 which means that on an average a single wedding invitation cost comes down anywhere from $15 to $25.

Cost of wedding invitations card

It would be a cliché to say that wedding invitations are known for their eccentricities. Remember that golden colored envelope with the most calligraphic handwriting informing you about saving the dates for Mr. X and Ms. Y, which had come to your house with a golden chain with some cotton fiber pages?

If you do, you do get my point about wedding cards been known for the eccentricities they possess. So it is advised to keep eccentricities in your mind while purchasing a design of a wedding card. Factors that make wedding invitations eccentric are the same factors which also constitute and form the complete cost breakdown of a wedding invitation. Knowing the paper type, its design elements like calligraphic handwriting that are used in it, the stylish envelopes and additions lets you exactly decide the budget of a wedding invitation card.

  • Usually a cotton fiber made wedding invitation can cost around an average $30 for 100 sheets. Whilst a Felt Cardstock which is a thicker style of paper than cotton fiber can cost around $22 for 100 sheets. A parchment, which is the most standard and affordable option costs around $15, compared to a vellum which is a transparent material that is priced $17 for 100 sheets. This is the cost of various kinds of papers, of which, a wedding invitation can generally be made of.
  • Apart from paper types, there are design elements which contribute to the cost of a wedding invitation card. Design elements include photography, calligraphy, coloring, engraved designs, glitter, letter pressing etc. These design elements generally cost around $100 to $200 for 100 cards.
  • After the paper type, design elements, the next cost that you need to understand is of the envelope. Envelopes for a wedding card generally range from $10 to $25 for 100 cards. They are necessary to have in a wedding invitation and they turn up the reader’s excitement to another level than a simple paper that states every detail about the wedding.

How to save?

Technology has certainly been a boon in terms of sending wedding invitations to relatives living afar, by decreasing the cost so much so that the cost of wedding invitations nowadays is negligible. It isn’t like print media, but it is certainly nothing less than that. The purpose is completely fulfilled and it gives you certain hundreds of dollars that you can spend on anything else.

If you want wedding invitations on hand and cheaper, you can opt for ordering in a bulk quantity. For example: If you order for 1000 wedding cards instead of 100, the cost is sure to come down to $10 less than what it is for a wedding card when you ordered 100 wedding invitations together.

Now that you know the cost of raw materials and the cost of design elements, you can prepare your wedding card yourself. Making it yourself can reduce your cost of purchasing a wedding card significantly by 20 to 30 percent.