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How much does it cost to drill a well

| May 16, 2014 | 0 Comments

Drilling a Well

cost-to-drill-wellThere used to be a time when drilling a well or running roll pipe from a natural spring to your home was about the only way you could get running water into your house. Then came “city water” and the further out into the country that the city limits got, the fewer and fewer homes with well water you would see. Truth is, if the land the home was on had not already had a well drilled on it, or if the current well had “run dry,” meaning it had essentially dried up, paying to have one drilled is rather expensive.


Drilling Cost

In order to reach water underground, the driller will have to drill down as much as possibly 250-300 foot. That could vary depending on how far down it is. Drilling companies charge you by the foot. This could run you about $12 per foot in most southern states. In a place like Boston or Maine it could run significantly more ($50-$100 p/f).

Equipment Cost

With the equipment, pipe, couplings, pump, tank and other odds and ends, as well as the drilling equipment itself can run $8,000 – $10,000. Typically, total cost to drill a well from start up to complete will run right at that $10,000 mark.

Of course you will also need line from pump to your home, so this could add to your total cost. Renting a “Ditch Witch” to dig a trench for the water line, materials and hook-up typically isn’t included with well drilling costs.