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How Much Does a Hysterectomy Cost

| May 20, 2014 | 0 Comments

Cost of a Hysterectomy

hysterectomy-costA hysterectomy is a procedure that is performed on a women when her uterus needs to be removed for various serious medical reasons. Some of the reasons a uterus may need to be removed include uterus cancer, ovarian cancer, or cervical cancer along with complications during birth. A gynecologist would be who would perform the surgery and it could include either the entire uterus or just part of it, depending on the reason why it is being removed.


Typical Costs

Without insurance, the costs of this surgery can seem unbearable, ranging from as low as $7,000 up to as much as $31,000 for the entire procedure. The largest factor on how much your entire surgery is going to cost is where in the country you live. A procedure done in California will cost thousands more than a procedure performed in Michigan. The average price of a hysterectomy throughout the entire United States in 2013 was $9,344. Different methods of removal will increase or decrease the costs. A laparoscopy could cost around $10,000 as the more expensive option of the open hysterectomy costs an average of almost $13,000.

What’s Included

Included in those above prices include everything involved in the procedure. Those costs could be incurred from the anesthesia, physician’s fee, and all of the hospital service costs. Everything that you are charged for should be clearly explained on the bill. Part of the cost is how long your hospital stay is. The average stay in the hospital after the procedure is two days but if there are any complications which cause you to stay longer, the entire bill will be higher.

Additional Costs

Once the surgery is complete, there will be pain that is unmanageable without medication. The medications prescribed to you after the procedure will add on to the overall bill as this is not included in the anticipated price. If you have having this procedure done for cancerous reasons, additional biopsies could cost as high as an additional $1,200. One last factor that could add to the cost is if you choose to have a vaginal hysterectomy. Although this method is not as invasive, it will add substantially to the cost as it is the most expensive.

Ways to Save

Looking around and talking to different gynecologists could save you substantially on this procedure. Depending on the experience of the doctor, the price could fluctuate as much as a few thousand dollars. Also check with your insurance company to see if they cover part of all of the costs involved with the surgery and choose a doctor that accepts your insurance.


Finding a Doctor

While looking for a doctor to perform your surgery, consider looking outside of the United States. Many people choose to have the surgery performed in a different country as the costs are substantially cheaper, even factoring in travel and hotel expenses.