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How Much Does it Cost to Remove a Tattoo

| May 21, 2014 | 0 Comments

Cost of a tattoo removal

cost-of-tattoo-removalIt is common for people to regret after their tattoo has been done. After years have passed, your opinion can change. For instance, that lover can become an enemy.  Fortunately, tattoo removal is not an expensive process.


Typical cost

  • The cost of a tattoo removal will depend on the cost per session and the total number of sessions required. The cost per session will depend on how big your tattoo is. If the tattoo is to be removed through laser, it can cost you between $150 and $500 per treatment. You may need between 5 and 20 sessions.
  • For the very small tattoos, excision can be used, where the tattoo is cut away and the wound stitched by a surgeon
  • A consultation (which might be refunded if you choose to proceed with the treatment) fee of around $15 per session may be charged. In some clinics, the consultation may be free.

Additional cost

  • Laser surgery can be painful. Some clinics offer an aesthetic cream that is applied one hour prior to the treatment.  Some people find it helpful while others don’t. The cream cost around $15 including dressing. A local aesthetic may also be used for a price of around $50.


  • To get a discount for tattoo removal, you can pay for all sessions at once rather than paying for each session. Sometimes, the difference between the total cost and the cost per session can be huge.
  • It is possible to get a discount if you choose to have your tattoo removed in the winter as demand for the service picks during summer. People wear fewer clothes during summer and unwanted tattoo can be a nuisance.
  • Visit the tattoo removal clinics during the weekdays as opposed to weekends when they are quite busy.
  • Avoid dermatologists as they charge higher and instead have the tattoo removed at a tattoo removal clinic. The clinics are also likely to be more experienced as they perform tattoo removal all day long.
  • Because tattoo removal is considered an aesthetic procedure, it is not generally covered by your insurance

Shopping for a tattoo removal clinic

  • The most important thing is to choose a fully registered clinic for your tattoo removal. You cannot imagine the potential damage that can be caused by unlicensed clinics.
  • Beware of creams that are promoted for tattoo removal as it has been proven that they do not work.
  • Know what to expect from your tattoo removal treatment. Definitely, you expect a complete removal or a significant lightening of the tattoo. Find out from the tattoo clinic whether you should expect any irritation, scarring or long term results. Ask to see before and after pictures from the clinic.
  • If you want to see results with minimum pain and hassle, choose a laser removal surgeon with specific training. Find out if the members of staff have undergone training in laser tattoo removal. You can also ask about the number of treatments that they have carried out.