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How Much Does it Cost to Send Flowers

| June 8, 2014 | 1 Comment

send-flowers-costCost of Deliver Flowers

If you are away on Valentine’s Day, in a long distance relationship, or just want to surprise your significant other with an arrangement of flowers while you’re away, sending flowers is a great way to tell someone “I Love You”. Many florists offer delivery services for various costs but the main flower delivery chains are ProFlowers and 1-800-Flowers. Flowers are almost impossible to mail yourself so hiring a delivery service or calling a local florist is your best bet for sending flowers long distances.


Factors of Cost

Most flower delivery companies will charge similar fees due to the fact that postal rates are similar country wide. The largest factor that will determine the total cost of your flower delivery is the cost of the actual flower arrangement. For the actual delivery cost, most companies will charge between $5 and $35.

Much of the time you can find companies that will provide free shipping if you spend above a certain amount of money. Always look at the final price before ordering though because some websites offer free shipping on all items but the arrangements will be much more expensive than other places. This is because the wrap the shipping costs into the cost of their arrangements. This means if you are ordering multiple arrangements, you will be greatly overpaying as you are really paying multiple shipping costs for the same order!

What’s Included?

Flower arrangements naturally come gift wrapped as 99% of the time they are meant for a special occasion. A card is often included in the price so you can leave the receiver a special note from you. You should also be able to choose which day they will be delivered on. Smaller companies who use their own special delivery network may even offer deliveries as specific as the time they arrive. This way you can plan everything accordingly and make sure she is home when the flowers arrive.

Extra Costs

The delivery fee will most likely be your smallest cost in sending flowers. The actual flower arrangements can be very expensive depending on the type of flowers you want to send. Daisies and other more common flowers can be as cheap as $20 but roses and orchids can as expensive as $300.


Say it’s the day before her birthday, you haven’t gotten her anything and it’s down to the wire. Flowers seem like the obvious choice but there’s less than 24 hours to get them to her. Typically in a scenario like this, the florist will work with you and can get them delivered on time but rush deliveries will cost a pretty penny for sure.

Ways to Save

When searching for flower delivery companies online, keep your eye out for special offers, free shipping when a certain amount is spent, and coupon codes. All of these offers can add up as a lot of the time they can be combined. Local florists also should be able to give you a few discounts if you haggle with them a bit. They are more willing to lower their price if you are placing a large order.