How Much Does it Cost to Move Out

| June 1, 2014 | 0 Comments

Cost to Hire Movers

When it comes time to making a move, there are many questions that need to be answered in order for it to go successful without major problems.  To get the right answers, a person must have the right questions. There are several different ways of making a move, whether it is coast to coast or just down the block. With each method being considered, there are different questions to ask.


Usual Costs

moving-costDoes the moving service include packing materials as part of their service, or is that charged as an extra? If so, does the person have enough packing materials on their own to overcome this problem? There are other possible questions that need to be explored before a moving choice is made; fragile-only packing, custom crating, packing options such as full- and partial-service packing, storage, vehicle shipping, piano moving, online shipment tracking, third party services and a whole lot more. Your relocation will be comprehensively covered by the state-to-state movers at Allied, regardless of the size and scope of your future state-to-state relocation. Every little aspect of your moving day will be comprehensively covered by the state-to-state movers who have the knowledge and wide array of services to get the job done in a timely manner and for a price which is cost-effective.

  • “fragile-only” packing – how much of the material requires special packing and handling?
  • custom crating – are there objects of unusual shape or made of unusual material that require special attention?
  • Storage – is there a time issue involved between the move of the property and the property owner? Will the material be placed in its final place at the time of the move, or will it need to be stored for some period of tie?
  • vehicle shipping – is there a car, truck, van or some other vehicle that needs to be moved? Can it or should it be driven, or does it need to be towed in some capacity?
  • piano moving –p piano moving deserves an article onto itself, since it is very specialized object that has its own set of moving guidelines
  • online shipment tracking – is it important to know the exact location of where various objects are at al times?
  • third party services – will any of the moving process be handled by another company or dos the moving company handle all the work themselves?

Once these answers are known, the choice in a moving company becomes much easier to make.

Full Service Moving Costs

Full service moving companies are generally the most expensive option for your move. The benefits to using a full service company can be that the billing of all of the smaller costs involved in a move are combined into one price, which makes it easier to document and file away. This is a good option for people who will have the move paid for completely or in large part by an employer.  If you are to be moving from state to another, then the relocation cost for your move will be based mostly on the distance between the old and new location, weight and also on the amount of “stuff” you own, as well as the remoteness from major thoroughfares (and the distance the moving company has to travel to get from their base to the location of the move.) For example, if you’re moving from Seattle to Boston and you live in a four bedroom house, your average moving cost with a full service moving company can go easily exceed $11000. But if you are moving locally within 100 miles from your old place, this cost will be usually based on an hourly rate and will vary from company to company. The cost will also vary on the difficulties involved in physically moving the material. Someone moving to high elevation areas with limited road access may discover unexpected extra charges if the movers were not made aware of the difficulties they would encounter. The physical route of the move may need to be discussed ahead of time.

Moving can be a challenge, but the challenges can be successfully handled with enough proper planning.