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Laser Hair Removal Cost

| March 13, 2020 | 1 Comment

How Much Does Laser hair removal cost?

how much laser hair removal cost



Every one of us has to remove body hair in our regular grooming habit. Whether it’s shaving Face or removing hair from our hands or legs, do you know we are spending months throughout our lives in removing body hair? And As per a survey, Every Women waste more time and pay in hair removal procedures than Every man like women spend more than $7,000 on shaving items across their lifetime.

By analyzing those statistics, it’s no wonder that many of us seem for more permanent possibilities like laser hair removal. And if you are tired from shaving, tweezing, or waxing to remove undesired hair, then laser hair removal is the best alternative to consider.

Laser hair removal is one of the most regularly performed cosmetic processes in the U.S.

Laser hair removal cost.

As per the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of laser hair removal comes to around $430.


But the cost differs depending on several factors and the most critical factor is the part of the body that undergoes treatment. Some of the elements are:


  • Size of the Treated Body Area:  

    Body portion area which is going to be treated and the time needed for treatment. Hair removing of different body parts cost you different like:

    • Hair removing average cost for Face and neck is between $500 and $850.
    • Hair removing average cost for Arms or Chest or Bikini is the same, and it’s between $340 and $550.
    • Hair removing average cost for the Lower legs or Back is between $500 and $700.
    • For Upper Lips, it costs $180.
  • Sessions: 

    Laser Hair Removal process is divided into some sessions, and you will be called for 5-6 times as per the need, so you have to pay as per the session and as per the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, it costs $280 per session.


  • Professional Level: 

    Laser Hair Removal cost varies from doctor to doctor, and it depends upon who is going to perform the procedure. The proficiency level of the treatment provider and the number of years the firm has been in the market impact the cost of the treatment.

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How to Save Money in Laser hair removal?


First of all, go for a free consultation at various places and find out the best treatment provider in your budget by comparing the prices. After selecting one from them, take everything in writing, particularly costs, package details, and their guarantees. While discussing costs with the treatment provider, never hesitate to ask for a discount and negotiate on the final price of packages.

You can also get the benefits of bundled packages, which are generally cost saving.

As per our research and understanding, Laser is more reliable than any alternative way of hair removal when we think about the benefits and drawbacks of each method.