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How Much Does Pulse Oximeter Cost

| April 8, 2020 | 0 Comments

Cost Of Pulse Oximeter

pulse oximeter cost


Medical science is working way further than our imaginations. Doctors and medical experts need to track the working of our body for many purposes. For this use, medical practitioners rely on the flows and functions of oxygen in one’s body. Well everybody knows the importance and functionalities of Oxygen.


What is Pulse Oximeter?

Pulse Oximeter (also called, ‘Pulse ox’) is a Non-invasive device which is used to check the oxygen saturation in the blood. The probe of the device is clipped on the Finger or Ear to get a reading of the Oxygen within half a minute. Pulse Oximeters are mainly used to keep an eye on the patient’s oxygenation levels to understand cardiopulmonary conditions.


A Pulse Oximeter (Pulse ox) is made of two main parts: A Probe and a Monitor.

The probe is used to take readings and the monitor shows results.


Why do you need Pulse Oximetry test?

In many conditions a doctor has to keep checking the oxygen level in blood like,

  • A patient who’s going through a surgery
  • To check the body’s activity level and to cure breathing problems
  • For sleep apnea test
  • To monitor the effects of some drugs and medicines
  • For the treatment of Heart related illness, COPD, Anemia, Asthma etc.


Cost of a Pulse Oximeter Device

There are few eminent manufacturers of Pulse Oximeter from years like Masimo, Nellcor, Nihon Kohden Corp, Opto Circuits LTD, Kohinjinke Philips N.V. etc.

Average cost of Pulse Oximeter is $200 to $8000

Cost of Pulse Oximetry Test

When your doctor finds it necessary, the test would be done. The cost of the test generally gets included with your consultancy charges.

Some lab practitioners may cost $1 to $5 for a Pulse Ox test.


Benefits of Pulse Oximeter

  • Warns when the oxygen level of body drops
  • Helpful for heart patients
  • Shows heart rate


Can Pulse Oximeter be used for the patients of CORONA?

As COVID-19 attacks on the lungs and breathing system, some symptoms can be tracked with Pulse Oximeter. But doctors say that most patients of CORONA don’t need the Pulse Oximeter at home.


How does a Pulse Oximetry work?

Pulse Oximetry uses spectrophotometry principle. Significant difference in the wavelengths of light passed from oxygenated and deoxygenated blood, the devices calculates the amount of oxygen in the blood. The light source in the device emits broad spectrum of light and sensor detects the difference in wavelength to measure the arterial oxygen in the body.


How to use Pulse Oximeter?

It is easy queasy job to operate a Pulse Oximeter, you will only need to clip the device at your finger, toe or earlobe. Try to avoid the movements until the device shows the result. It only takes few seconds only.


Which finger should be used for Pulse Oximetry test?

The middle finger of the right hand shows most accurate results than other fingers. And as the secondary option you can use the thumb of right hand.


What are normal readings of Pulse Oximetry test?

Normal range of reading for an adult are:

Heart rate- 60-100 BPM

Oxygen saturation- 95%-100%

Consult a doctor for queries as there are several reasons for the variation in the reading. Often wrong use and the defect of the device cause the variations.


Saving suggestions

  • Don’t buy the device until your doctor suggests.
  • Go for the best manufacturer as cheap devices show more variation.

If you need occasionally testing, get tested in the clinic.