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How much it cost for gym equipment

| April 9, 2020 | 2 Comments

Gym equipment cost

gym equipment



It is necessary to stay fit and muscled even if you’re not going to a gym. Training your muscles or improving your stamina at home is absolutely easy with right equipment and knowledge of exercises.


Types of equipment

There are two major types of exercise equipment: Cardio and Strength.


Cardio equipment seems boring to most people but it increases stability and stamina of the body. And Strength equipment is likely to build/maintain the muscles and to improve strength.


1) Cardio instruments cost



Treadmill is a machine designed to let you run or walk on it indoors. It comes with comfortable surface and gives various kinds of measurements such as, how much time you ran and how much kilometer you ran.

Cost: $400 to $3500


Stationary Bicycle

Stationary bicycle is simple biking instrument. It comes with a knob to increase or decrease the difficulty.

Cost: $200 to $2200


Rowing machines

Rowing machines provides workout to Legs, Back and Arms. It closely provides full body exercise.

Cost: $150 to $1000


Cross-country Ski machines

Cross-country skiing machine helps us exercise arms and legs. Some kind of machines come with mechanism; when one ski is pushed downwards another will come upwards. And some machines come with independent skiing mechanism.

Cost: $300 to $1700


Stair steppers/ Stair Climbing machine

Exercising on Stair Stepper machine is like climbing stairs. When we train ourselves on a stair stepper machine, we can burn good amount of fat and we can strengthen our legs and lower muscles.

Cost: $2000 to $10000


Elliptical Trainer/Cross Trainer/ X-Trainer

Elliptical trainer machine provides great Aerobic workout. It helps strengthening your Lungs, Heart and Muscles.

Cost: $500 to $2000


2) Strength instruments cost


Weights for Hands

Dumbbells, Bars and D-shaped weights are comfortable to hold. Weights are chosen according to one’s capacity and then the weights are replaced with heavier. Bars are effective for several kinds of exercises.

Cost: $20 to $300

(Price varies according to the number weights such as dumbbells, plates of bar etc.)


Resistance Bands and Tubing

Most fitness experts say that bands and tubes can significantly give you strength and stamina. Tubes and bands are available with different level of resistance. There are more exercises to perform with bands and tubes compared to dumbbells.

Cost: $8 to $90



Mat is must for the exercises which includes lying position such as Yoga, Abs crunches etc. It is beneficial to use mat as it covers the bones from exposing to the surface. Mat is also used for Yoga and Meditation purposes.

Cost: $8 to $45


Balance Ball

Balance ball provides strength and stretching to the body and improves stability of core.

Cost: $10 to $60

(Costs depend on the model, capacity and features of instrument and your location.)


So, what about Home Exercise Kit?

That has proven a great option for many. Home Exercise Kit comes with variety of exercise instruments like dumbbells, bars, bands, tubes, mat, gloves and other weights. As per your capacity you can choose the Kit. Home exercise kits mostly include only strength instruments.

Average cost of Home Exercise Kit: $300 to $2000


Things to consider before using exercise equipment

  • Don’t hit very hard as it can damage your muscles.
  • Get training from professionals before using it.
  • If you’re beginner than keep someone with you while exercising.
  • Feed enough protein and carbohydrates your tissues.

How to save money?

  • Home exercise kit may be preferable.
  • Go for the reseller stores nearby.
  • Dumbbells and Bars alone can maintain your strength.
  • Buy only certified machines.

You are the only yours, so your health must be prime.