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How much it cost for Skin tightening?

| March 23, 2020 | 4 Comments

Skin tightening cost.

cost of Skin tightening

Why Skin Tightening?

Production of Collagen and Elastin- two vital proteins which help maintaining our plump, smooth and firm skin- gets decreased by our body as we age. It causes sagging and loose skin on different parts of our body especially Face and Neck.


Here are some treatments which can remove excess skin, fat, muscle laxity and surprise you with desired shaping of your body.

Skin tightening procedures with cost

Non-Surgical Treatments

These are categorized as non-invasive treatments and Minimally-invasive treatments

a) non-invasive treatments.

1)  Ultrasound Cost


It uses focused Ultrasound Energy to heat deeper layers of skin and gives smooth and firm skin. It can help you postpone your Facelift surgery. There are no severe side effects of it and considered safe.

Ultherapy is FDA cleared treatment for Brow, Chin, Neck and Chest.

Cost: $750 to $5500

2) Radio Frequency(RF) Cost

RF energy is also used to trigger production of Collagen. It focuses energy on epidermal layers and gives firmer and lush appearance.

THERMI RF, Exilis and Thermage are used diversely for Face, hand, Neck, Forehead, Eyebrows, cheek and knees. For every skin type, RF-Only techs are considered safe.

Cost: $1000 to $4000

3) IPL Treatments Cost

In this technique combination of IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and RF is used to induce natural healing of skin and helps production of Collagen.

These procedures take really short time and are painless.

It needs 2-5 treatments for best result.

Cost: $300 to $600(Per treatment)

4) Laser Treatments Cost

These treatments use Infrared Light (LASER) to deliver heat into the skin layers.

It is safe for all skin types and tones.

Popular skin tightening treatments uses Titan or Polaris systems.

Cost: $450 to $2000

b) Minimally-invasive treatments

These techniques are little aggressive but, they deliver more satisfactory results. These treatments may require small incisions but, aren’t considered Surgical.

Some safe and excellent procedures

1) ThermiRF Cost

It improves skin laxity and skin texture without repeated treatments.

Cost: $1000 to $8000

2) FaceTite Cost

FaceTite combines liposuction with RF which melts unwanted fat for removal and tightens the unwanted skin. Ideal for defining the jaw line and neck, only one treatment is needed.

Cost: $2500 to $7000

3) BodyTite Cost

It is an energy-assisted liposuction. It adds RF to help firm and tighten the skin as it removes unnecessary fat with less post-surgical problems.

Cost: $4500 to $14000

Surgical Treatments

These are also known as “Body Lifts”. These surgical body-shaping procedures provide the dramatic modification in excess skin and sagging. It’s ideal for Post-weight loss, Pregnancy, Childbirth and loss of Skin Elasticity.

1) Tummy tuck Cost

With various techniques it can helps get rid from excess skin and muscle laxity. It can restore flat and toned stomach even after multiple pregnancies or higher weight loss.

Cost: $8000 to $15000

2) Arm lift Cost

This procedure can remove sagging skin and helps tightening and reshaping upper arms. But the incision becomes a visible scar on body. It can improve skin laxity caused by weight loss or aging.

Cost: $4000-$8000

3) Lower-body lift Cost

This surgery is also useful for persons who have gone through weight loss. The procedure removes unwanted skin and fat. It can give gleam on thighs, buttocks and entire body below waist.

Cost: $10000 to $17000

Health & Money saving Tips

  • Use Anti-Aging, Retinol and Niacinamide products.
  • Know the Post treatment cost and Side effects of the treatment.
  • Choose your treatment provider and treatment both wisely.

Beauty isn’t everything. Try to avoid surgeries if possible.