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Speech Therapist Cost

| February 19, 2020 | 3 Comments

How much does it costs for Speech Therapist?

speech therapy

What is Speech Therapy? Who all need it?

The study regarding speech, language, swallowing, and voice-related issues in communication comes under a field known as Speech-language pathology. An expert who has specialized in this study is known as a Speech-language pathologist who is also known as a Speech Therapist.


Anyone who has a problem related to phonation, resonance, fluency, intonation, pitch, and voice of speech can go to a speech therapist for solving his/her problem. The overall cost of this therapy varies from $75 to $100.

Speech Therapy Cost

Disorders regarding speech that can be cured by undergoing speech therapy are found mostly in infants and kids. According to a survey done in 2012, one in 12 children i.e. age 3 to age 17 was found to have some of the other kinds of disorder regarding their speech which can be cured by undergoing speech therapy.

Speech therapy cost is often given session-wise because of the way of its treatment, which is also done session-wise. The Average cost of speech therapy for 12 numbers of sessions was found to be around $794, from prices as low as $435 to prices as high as $1,983. When the speech therapy sessions numbers to be around 6, the average cost comes down to $417, starting from prices as low as $227 to prices as high as $1,092.

The rate of a Speech Therapist depends on two factors, namely:

  • Location.
  • Experience.

These charges range around $100 to $150 per hour in private clinics and could cost even higher when if the SLP (Speech-Language Pathologist) is connected with a hospital.

Things that should be included after paying an average speech therapy cost:

The first step of any speech therapy is assessment. A speech assessment is performed using speech tests and the level of speech of the patient is determined.

The second step of the treatment involves choosing the treatment plan that is suitable for the patient.

After the assessment and the choosing of treatment plan are done, the sessions are to be calculated based upon the treatment.

The style of following this procedure varies from clinic to clinic and patient to patient. However, the basic gist remains the same. In some treatments, therapists get their hands directly on assistance to the family of the patient for educating them about the child’s issues. And in helping them manage their child’s challenges whether at home, school, etc. Speech Therapy also includes interactive involvement with the child’s paediatrician, teachers, etc. and coordinating with them about the limitations, and issues as well as the progress of the child.

During the actual therapy, the speech therapist should be able to use different methods and tools based on the age, the level of speech disability as well the underlying cause of the speech impediment to improving the speech capabilities of the patient.

Having a speech disorder may not be serious in some cases and can be overcome by children who have them as they grow up. But some can pose serious issues like when they impede learning especially at a very young age when they need to absorb a lot.