Switzerland Travel Cost

| February 19, 2020 | 0 Comments

How much it cost to travel Switzerland?



Sharing is caring – you may have heard this proverb, let’s experience today, let’s travel to Switzerland. Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries to travel and sharing is one of the ways you can reduce your cost of travel per person. Like sharing a ride, sharing food, sharing accommodation or even sharing your love with your partner or friend or family member.

Geographic structure of Switzerland itself teaches us to stay together – stay happy that we can easily conclude from a series of beautiful mountain alps which cover about 65% of Switzerland. Adding further, we all know that Switzerland is famous for its incredibly beautiful lakes, site seeing in a train, traditional Swiss house and delicious cuisine.

Switzerland Travel Cost

Although Switzerland is a very expensive country, average $200 per day, breakdown cost will give you a rough idea about where you can save money.


In Switzerland, average hotel prices are $260 for a couple, usually, it takes $40 for food and about $20 for transportation per person. You can save $20 of food if you consume street food rather than dine-in restaurants. Keep extra bucks with you because you cannot stop yourself from having famous chocolate and cheese.

Other activities such as cable car, bicycle rental for a day and swiss transport museum entrance fees will expect to cost around $30 – $35 for the individual. If you are planning to visit for 1 week then it will take around $1500 and if your budget is $3000 then you can surely add this destination as your honeymoon plan or couple vacation.

How you can save money?

1).Be veggie and cook for yourself

Try to avoid meat and remain on vegetables, because this is how even natives save their account. Cooking for yourself can be the best option as it helps you save a lot of money. You can buy groceries from any supermarket which cost you between $75 – $100 for a week.

2).Choose accommodation wisely

As hotel prices are so expensive it’s important to get other alternatives for it. First one is, Couch Surfing. It’s completely free but getting a host is difficult like you have to ask a lot of people before. Along with it, usually, travelers cook food for the host & themselves. So, if you don’t know cooking, offer them something else attractive to host you. As always the second option is booking low cost hotels through online platform which helps you to stay in $50 for a couple. Especially for accommodation do some research before going to Switzerland as it takes about 30% to 50% of your budget.

3).Skip expensive activity

Generally, activities start from $30 for individual. Many travelers do hiking (free activity) to secure their budget.  Ex. You can go by train to travel within a country as it is inexpensive instead of the cable car. Getting indulged in skiing and snowboarding is obvious but don’t do on a daily basis.

4).Use ride-sharing websites

The intercity journey will cost you around $50 which is as costly as accommodation. To reduce your expense, you take help of ride-sharing websites. This way you can meet natives and have a chance to learn about their culture.