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Water Purifier Cost

| March 7, 2020 | 0 Comments

How much does it cost to buy a RO water purifier?How Much RO water purifier Cost

Clean water should be a necessity.

A RO water purifier gives you resistance against hard water, bacteria’s that survive in raw water and other impurities that come alongside the water that is delivered to one’s home. RO means Reverse Osmosis, which is the name of the process by which the water is purified inside the machine. There are numerous options available when one goes for purchasing a RO water purifier. Apart from other factors, the cost of these options varies upon the technology that it is built upon and on the TDS of the water that it can deliver. Due to such factors the price range of a RO purifier typically ranges from $60 to $400.


Costs of a RO water purifier

  • The cost of RO water purifier basically varies on the size of the RO system, its filtration mechanism, the brand value and additional features if any that the RO water purifier provides. However, the standard price range for a RO system starts from as low as $90 to as high as $550.
  • For a typical small house: the cost of RO system comes to at least $330. This cost does not include the tank that deals with atmospheric pressure, the pump that delivers the pure water and/or a bladder tank.
  • For a typical big house: the cost of RO system comes to at least $2900. Systems in such big houses can cost even up to $8000 or even more. These kinds of systems are primarily dependent on the amount of water that you need to purify on a daily basis and are highly sophisticated systems that are used for the purification process.

There are in general three most common types of RO water purifying systems namely the Standard under sink system that costs anywhere from $100 to $550, the other type of RO water purifier which is also a popular one named Countertop, which costs anywhere from $50 to $500. And the last one in the list of the most popular RO water purifiers is Whole House system, which costs anywhere above $500.

How to save:

The standard way to save while buying a RO water purifier is to know your needs. If your need while buying a RO water purifier is just to maintain a regular TDS of your drinking water, you may get that need fulfilled in buying any RO water purifier that starts from $100 to $200. In that case, you don’t need to buy a RO water purifier that costs $500. This type of research can save yourself $100 or $200 on your RO water purifier purchase.

The other way to save is to buy a used RO water purifier. There is a huge market of second-hand RO water purifiers that cost at least 30 percent cheaper than the first-hand ones. Get to know about it online and save yourself from the cost. There is also something called refurbished RO water purifiers, as there are refurbished mobile phones, so are refurbished RO water purifying systems. This can cost you at least 10 percent cheaper than the original. That is also one way to save.