Wedding flower decoration Cost

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How much wedding flower decoration cost?

cost of Wedding flower



As flowers add fragrance in your life, so does wedding. Using natural flowers in your wedding decor you can create an intrinsic beauty in the atmosphere.  Although to choose a budget separately for floral décor in your wedding is completely dependent on your florist and where the wedding is and how far from your wedding location are the natural flower that goes for decorating your wedding are available.

It is noteworthy how in a wedding, except for the floral arrangements, everything else is almost unnatural/artificial. Flowers are known to bring naturalness in your wedding.

The cost of getting floral decor on your wedding, varies depending on your style and needs. But the average cost of wedding flowers falls in the range of $1000 to $2000.



Wedding flower cost.

Wedding flowers budget is generally decided by parting out the quantity of flowers you need from time to time for ceremonies that constitute a wedding:

  • Since it’s a wedding, the most important part of floral decor starts from a bouquet for the bride. The usual cost for a bridal bouquet ranges from somewhere around $50–$100.


  • After making a bride’s bouquet, you got to have a bouquet for the Bridesmaid. This is the second most important thing to consider while getting floral decor for a wedding. The usual costs for which ranges anywhere from $25- $50.


  • The usual costs for Boutonniere in a wedding ranges anywhere from $15–$30. Dependency is completely based on the type of flowers you select and its availability, as well as the locality.


  • Reception flowers are also very important part of the floral decor. The cost of reception flowers is based on your reception design and it usually ranges from $90–$250.


  • Flower girl petals, Altar flowers, Head table centrepiece, table garland, guest table centrepiece, cake flowers and flower crown are add-ons which one might/ might not consider having depending on the budget. All of which usually costs around $50 to $100 each.


How to save wedding flower decoration cost?

It might happen that the average price for wedding flowers seems high to you and you do not wish to spend as much as they seem to cost, there are  easy different ways to have amazing floral arrangements without costing a lot!

You can skip one or two from the above mentioned things in your arrangement, the one that is least prior to you can be skipped depending on your budget.

Below mentioned are the three of the easiest ways to save on floral decor:

  • Choosing seasonal flowers
  • Reusing flowers that were used at a different ceremony in another ceremony.
  • Mixing flowers with non-floral elements like greenery or candles.

This is another way of saving on your wedding floral, by paying it in advance. Above mentioned tips and tricks are to help you save from the enormous floral and wedding planning budget that you are bound to have.