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How Much Does a Cavity Filling Cost

| March 28, 2020 | 0 Comments

Cavity Filling Cost

cavity filling cost



What is cavity filling?

Cavity Filling is a dental treatment used for treating decayed, broken, cracked and worn teeth. In this treatment, damaged or decayed area of tooth is removed by a dentist and then filling materials are filled in that space. Cavity filling is also called a “Dental Filling”.


Types of Cavity filling with cost

Nowadays several tooth cavity filling materials are available that you can use as per your needs and preferences. Tooth cavity filling cost majorly depends on the material used for filling.


Some main types of Cavity filling are given below

Silver amalgams

Silver amalgams come with different types. In it silver is mixed with copper, zinc, mercury etc. It has been used from 150 years.

Cost: $150-$650


Gold filling

Some people find golden color more satisfactory than Silver. This cavity filling is generally 8 to 10 times more costly than Silver filling. Gold alloy is used as filling material here.

Cost: $300-$5500


Composite filling (Tooth colored)

Composites filling are made from mixing silica, quartz, or other ceramic powder with base of resin. Then the mixture is filled into the teeth.

Cost: $150-$550


Porcelain (Ceramics) filling

Now with the help of digital technology, your dentist can prepare perfect Porcelain inlays and perform Porcelain filling. It can be long lasting and it can have matching color to your teeth.

Cost: $300-$3500


Glass ionomers (tooth colored)

This type of filling forms chemical connection with your tooth made of acrylic and glass material. This is weaker type of filling but can prevent further decaying of tooth because it releases fluoride.

Cost: $250-$4000


Inlays and Onlays

Inlays and Onlays are made in laboratory area and it is also categorized as “Indirect filling”.

An Inlay can be fixed on the tooth’s biting side. And an Onlay covers more area than inlays. Inlays and Onlays are fixed with the help of Dental Cement. Generally gold is used making this type of fillings. It is more durable and can last up to 30 years.

Cost: $350-$3500

(Prices vary as per your insurance, location, number of teeth and type of cavity and filling.)


Steps involved in Cavity filling

  • Filling area will be numbed by your dentist.
  • Removal of decayed and damaged part using drill/laser
  • Cleaning of bacteria and debris
  • Protecting the nerve, if the decay is near the root
  • Filling, finishing and polishing.


What to care after Cavity filling?

Different type of filling comes with different care tips. Some common tips are:

  • Avoid taking cold and hot food for some days.
  • If there’s sensibility or tooth pain after cavity filling, seek your dentist.
  • Shouldn’t eat hard, chewy and sticky food after cavity filling.


Cavity prevention tips

  • Brush twice a day and using right brush and paste.
  • Have teeth healthy food and drink more water
  • Avoid food with high sugar and acid. Quit smoking.
  • Make dental visits for routine check-ups


How to save money

  • Discuss with your insurance provider and dentist.
  • Filter the safe and suitable filling type.
  • Don’t be tensed about the color for filling inner cavity. It will stay hidden.
  • Keep in mind that prices vary as per location and facilities of clinic.
  • If you haven’t cavity then take care of your teeth.

Happy teething.