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How Much Does an MRI Cost

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MRI Cost

mri cost

It is said that a Vaidya in Ayurveda possess such an expert knowledge that he/she can tell you the disease and its cure by holding your Naadi (veins). A physician can tell you the same after seeing your blood test reports. With the advent of time, there has been transformation and evolution in many things. Certainly, due to the usage of these things, there has been an evolution and transformation in the types of diseases also. And these newer types of diseases cannot be accurately traced down just by a blood test report.


Humans needed some technology that could test and differentiate between a normal tissue and the diseased one. Tissues are a group of cells, but compared to size of a complete body they are too small to trace down. The magnetic resonance technique that provides images of internal structures of body like tissues and helps the physician trace the modern diseases down is called MRI (magnetic resonance imaging.). This technique uses a large magnet in combination with radio waves and a computer to monitor and scan your body.

MRI for different organs are charged differently. The usual price range from an MRI is $100 to $3000. However, it is completely dependent on where are you getting your MRI done from. Let’s check out MRI cost range and average cost of MRI’s for different parts


Cost of MRI for Different Organs

  • MRI is mainly known to provide the doctor a clearer picture of your 1) Muscles 2) Tissues and 3) Bones. There are three different types of cost when it comes to getting an MRI done: 1) with contrast, 2) without contrast and 3) with and without contrast.
  • A usual cost range for getting an MRI done for abdomen with contrast is $500 to $800. An MRI of abdomen, without any contrast can cost anywhere from $300 to $700. Whilst if anyone is looking for, both, i.e. with and without contrast, an MRI of abdomen can cost him/her anywhere in the range $700 to $1200.
  • Similarly, an MRI for brain without contrast can cost as low as $200 and as high as $600. Whereas the cost range of an MRI with contrast is $600 to $900. And if there is anyone who is looking for both, the cost range of same is $800 to $1300.
  • MRI’s of Lumber Spine tend to be costlier than MRI of an abdomen or Brain. The cost range of an MRI without contrast is $400 to $800, the cost range of an MRI with contrast is $700 to $1000. And the cost range of an MRI with and without contrast is $900 to $2000.
  • Lumber Spine is not the costliest when it comes to doing an MRI. MRI of Spine cervical tops the list of costliest MRIs. The cost range of Spine cervical without contrast is $700 to $1000. While the cost range of spine cervical with contrast is $ 1100 to $2000. If anyone wishes to have both the types of MRI’s for his/her spine cervical, it can cost him/her as low as $2100 and as high as $3000.



How to save?

  • Usually MRI costs are included in an insurance scheme, so you do not need to spend differently on it. However, if you are one of those who haven’t got an insurance scheme, which is really rare, then you can ask your doctor and get a recommendation about the MRI center to which he/she regularly sends his/her patients too. This would typically help you save 2 or 3 percent of your MRI cost.
  • Apart from this, you can save on MRI if you are getting it done from a government center versus a private center. But again, it depends on your locality and the discount it offers.


One thing to note about MRI’s is the process of getting MRI done. It is painless. All you got to do is sleep on the seat which takes you nearby the machine and that’s it. Not even a drop of blood from the body is taken. It is because of this painless character of this procedure and the accuracy that it offers, the spread of MRi’s is increasing day by day.