How Much Does It Cost for Jute Bag

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Jute Bag cost



Jute Bags is  Best option to knock down the Polythene.

Plastic and Polythene are considered as incredible researches indeed. But we have gone too far with it and now nature is sinking due to the fatal pollutions.

So, the world needs to consider using Eco friendly materials like Jute. Products made out of Jute cost low and are the best replacement available for plastic. Jute bags are inevitable replacement for the polythene bags used worldwide.


We all want to reduce pollution globally for the sake of saving nature. The governments have been setting measures on the production and use of plastic and poly materials.


Jute and Jute Bag

Jute is the long, gleaming and soft vegetable fiber. It is off white to brown in color. Mainly two types of Jute are there: White Jute and Tossa Jute.

Jute plants grow commonly in humid and warm regions and require plenty of water. Jute bags and other Jute products are made from the Jute plants and other degradable materials.

Jute bags have successfully raised their stand globally nowadays. Environmental agencies, NGOs and Pollution control boards of governments are promoting the use of Jute materials which is the necessity to keep the Earth a suitable place for all creatures.

Wide range of products can be made out of the jute such as curtains, carpets, coverings, hessian cloth, ropes, bags, containers etc.  Moreover, the fine Jute material is transformed into the Silky products.


Cost of Jute bags

The main goal to widen the use of Jute bags is not to be hurtful to nature. So, the price of jute bags must not be high otherwise no one would buy it.

There are many types of bags available in the market produced from Jutes such as Designer Jute bags, Printed Jute bags, Sling bags, Jute hand bags, Carry bags, etc. Jute hand bags are used to a large extent.


Small sized, simple and thin jute bags cost about $5 to $20

Medium sized and less designed Jute bags cost nearly $15 to $50

Attractively designed and most durable Jute bags cost ranges about $35 to $90


Jute Bags Benefits

Let’s see why Jute fits in with the exact shape to fill our needs. Don’t worry we aren’t compromising our needs by replacing the Jute bags instead of portable plastic bags.

  • It is extremely cheap natural material. Jute generally degrades in 18 to 24 months.
  • Jute bags and other jute products last long as they contain high durability, strength and non-temporary shine.
  • It is affordable, easy, convenient and portable to carry with.
  • Printed Jute bags are widely used for brand and business promotions and other advertising purposes. Because of its long lifespan it influences a vast number of people.
  • It can be reused for several times and is hygienic as well.


How to save

Here we are supposed not to only save money but also the natural resources. Have a glance at some tips for the same:

  • Some Malls, Shops, Online stores provide Free Printed Jute bags for advertisement purposes
  • You can buy less designed jute bags in cheap price
  • Prefer 100% Eco Friendly products

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