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How much It Cost for Hand Gloves

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Hand Gloves Cost

hand gloves cost



Hand Glove is a kind of ornament which provides shielding to hands against heat, cold, hazardous chemicals, friction, abrasive substances or some diseases. According to the OH&S (, 40% to 60% of accidents include hand injuries that occurred at the workplace. Isn’t it a conceivable reason for considering the use of required gloves when necessary?

Generally, Gloves are used to avoid several kinds of hand injuries. Industries and Factories execute the safety standards, train and provide gloves to the employees so that accidents can be reduced.

Experts assert that there is no universal glove which can withstand each chemical. Different work environment will distinctly demand different types of hand gloves. For obvious reasons, you must not be using leather gloves while working under high temperatures. Employees and workers must be educated about the gloves they would be using under several chemicals.



Cost of Hand gloves

Cost of hand gloves transparently depends on the type of hand glove and the material used. Medical hand gloves cost about $25 per a pack of 50 pairs whereas the cost of gym gloves is about $10 per pair.

For further info let us have a glance at types, application and cost of hand gloves.


Fabric and Cotton Gloves

They are cheaper and cost about $1 per pair.

Fabric and cotton gloves are used for minor kinds of protection such as cold.


Nitrile Gloves

They cost about $10 per 50 pieces.

Nitrile gloves can resist a wide range of chemicals. They can’t bear flames.


Latex gloves

Latex gloves cost about $10 to $20 for 100 pieces.

They are mainly designed and used in food industries and in other applications where hazardous chemicals are absent.


Leather and Rubber gloves

A pair of leather/ rubber gloves generally costs $6 to $14.

They are well known for their grip, strength and resistance power.


Poly Vinyl chloride (PVC) gloves

PVC gloves cost about $5 to $9 per pair.

PVC/ Plastic/ Vinyl gloves are mainly used as disposable gloves in industries. They are more durable and protective than   Nitrile gloves.


Poly Vinyl Alcohol (PVA) gloves

PVA gloves cost nearly $17 to $50.

PVA gloves are water soluble and able to deal with aromatic and some halogenated solvents.


Viton Gloves

They cost more than $70.

Viton gloves work where others would fail due to its incredible resistant power against heat and dangerous strong chemicals.


Kevlar Gloves

Cost of Kevlar Gloves starts from $5 per pair.

They are greatly durable, light-weighted and flexible which saves us from cuts, abrasions and heat.


Butyl Rubber gloves

They generally cost $40 to $70 per pair.

Butyl Rubber gloves provide shielding while working with Alcohols, Ketones, Acids and Bases etc. They are excellent to withstand some gases as well.


Neoprene Gloves

Neoprene gloves cost $6 to $15 per pair.

They are good protectors for acids, alcohols, oils etc.


Anti-Vibration gloves

Anti-Vibration gloves cost about $15 to $35.

They absorb the vibrational energy effectively when one is working under such an environment.


Metal coated gloves

Metal coated gloves generally cost above $30.

They are specially designed to work under very high temperatures and strong chemicals such as Aluminized Gloves.


Other Gloves

Hand gloves for Gym, Sports and Fashion and etc. cost about $5 to $30 per pair.


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Applications of Hand Gloves

Different kinds of gloves are used under different environment:

  • Comfort and protection against heat and cold
  • To escape the injuries on work places which include sharp objects, dangerous Chemicals, Vibrations, Welding, fire etc.
  • In Sports like Cricket, Golf, Racing etc.
  • For fashion and comfort purpose
  • For riders
  • Medical safety purposes
  • Guarding the hands in many other activities

Please consider professional advice about how to use gloves in the right manner at your work.


How to save

You must consider buying the product which would best match for all your needs. Choose what you need and avoid extra featured product

  • Keep washing with suitable substance to improve its lifespan
  • Consider the requirements and then buy accordingly

Get expert advice choosing a glove for more than one kind of protection