How Much Do Parenting Classes Cost

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Cost of Parenting Classes

parenting-class-costParenting classes are most commonly taken by parents who have been having difficulties with their parenting skills. Obviously children don’t come with instructions but there are many resources that will help guide a parent through the most common issues that arise with children. Although typically the only people who take parenting classes are the ones who are struggling significantly with raising their children, parenting classes teach skills that most any parent would find useful.


In these classes, you will learn skills such as patience, love, disciple, and how to manage stress and anger. You are also given the opportunity to mingle with other parents going through similar situation as you. Talking about what you are going through and hearing other parents’ advice can be very helpful.

Factors of Cost

There are many different organizations that offer parenting classes such as non-profit organizations, churches, state programs, and private companies. It is very common to find free parenting classes but there are also some offered for as much as $400 for an 8 to 12 week course.

Online parenting classes may not be as useful due to the omission of discussions with other parents but they are available. For an online parenting class you are looking to spend around $15 per week on average. There are advantages to online classes such as the fact that you can choose which area you want to focus on and go off in any direction you please.

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What’s Included with Parenting Classes

There are not many cost involved with parenting classes except for the time of the discussion leader along with any materials that may be needed. Most if not all parenting classes will cover the cost of training materials even if you are taking classes at a non-profit organization.

Most parenting classes have a specified amount of weeks included in the program such as an 8 or 12 week course.  At the end of the course, you should receive some sort of graduation certification that proves you completed the course.

Ways To Save

There are many online resources where you can find non-profit and low cost parenting classes. Children are the future and we want them to be successful and go further than we ever did. There are so many caring, loving people out there that devote their time to teaching parents the proper parenting techniques for a successful future. Asking local churches if they have any sort of parenting support groups or parenting classes is a great way to find free and local help.

If you need help with parenting but want to avoid actually taking a parenting class, there are hundreds of parenting books that could help teach you the simple things. There are different versions for various ages that should help narrow down the topics you are looking for advice on.