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How Much Does It Cost For An Electric Facial

| March 17, 2020 | 5 Comments

Electric Facial Cost

cost of electric facial



Electric facial! Yes, you heard that right. It’s a new age technology relatively less famous but is the trending treatment for skin nourishment and other benefits. Electric currents used on your face, sounds scary right? But don’t worry they are actually not that scary as it sounds. The low-level electric current helps in enhancing the natural skin chemicals which acts as an effective tool for therapists fighting against the signs of skin aging. Also, it firms and tones the skin cells which help in improving the skin from further regular treatments.

A treatment like this existed medically since the 1980s. It was used to treat skin injuries and muscle paralysis. But recently after noticing the results of the patients, the dermatologists came up with this brilliant idea of using it as a treatment against skin aging. Well thanks to the experienced medical institutes and research centres we now get a treatment to age gracefully and beautifully.

There are various types of treatments available which you can opt for as per your requirement like

1)  Galvanic treatment

2) Faradic treatment

3) High-frequency treatment

4) Micro-current electrical treatment

Cost of above treatments comes to around $150 to $350.


There are many more that go with reduced ageing, like the pores get smaller, the swelling under eyes and dark circles get reduced, removes bacteria from the skin and much more. The treatment is also known as “non invasive facelift” as it trains the face muscles to look more tightened and firmer.

Cost of Electric Facial Treatment

  • The cost of a session of 50 minutes ranges from $140 to $250. And depends upon the skin type.
  • It depends upon the kind of skin care centre you choose.
  • Many dermatology clinics offer packages starting around $500 and the charges depend on the type of treatment required and the number of sessions for that treatment.
  • You should consult your aesthetician who will suggest the right treatment required for your face.

How to Save?

Now being so scientific in nature these treatments come at a price that puts a huge burden on your pockets when compared to the usual ones. So, when it comes to saving on treatments like this, there is only one way and that is

  1. You can opt for electric face massager machines available on ecommerce portals and can use it on your own at home. These are usually the kits that you get with all the instructions on how to use the same.
  2. These would still cost more than the regular skin routine products that you buy often.
  3. But the number of times you can use the same is what makes it worth it.