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Ayurveda Treatment Cost

| March 17, 2020 | 0 Comments

How much does it Cost for Ayurveda Treatment?

Ayurveda Treatment how much



Natural resources are not only useful to us in terms of providing shelter, but they are also useful to mankind in terms of healing the body from different diseases. This fact was realized by the ancient sages of India. Hence they used nature for various purposes. Ayurveda is the name of one such system that is specifically used to heal a person from any disease that her/his body has. This system uses metals that are available from nature to develop medicines that can be helpful in curing these diseases. Modern India has modern Ayurveda techniques that are used at various Ayurveda clinics to cure a person from different kinds of diseases.


Ayurveda is a slower and steadier system of healing oneself, compared to Allopathy. Hence, commonly an Ayurveda clinic is supposed to have rooms for you to stay and they charge you a complete package. However, there are also Vaidya (Doctors) whom you can counsel to get cured from your disability or disease.



A usual package that includes Panchkarma treatment, yoga, meditation and herbs at an Ayurveda clinic can cost you anywhere from $40 to $80 per day.

Types of Ayurveda Treatment

1) Shirodhara

2) Kadidhara

3) Dhanyamala Dhara

4) Netra Dhara

5) Takra Dhara

6) Kshreedhara

7) Urovasti

8) Kativasti

9) Janu Vasti

10) KayaSeka

Costs of Ayurveda Treatment

  • The cost of undergoing these treatments generally range from $20 to $120. The charge of some of these treatments is per hour basis, while others are measured in terms of the number of sittings that are recommended by the Vaidya.
  • Therapeutic packages are usually long terms packages and are recommended by the Vaidya for 7, 14 or 21 days. These packages include Shirodhara, Diabetes care packages, Varicose Vain treatment, Njavara Theppe, Eye treatment, and Snehapanam.
  • The cost of such packages is usually high. The usual price range of these packages starts from as low as $100 and ends at as high as $500 per day.
  • Ayurveda medications cost very low compared to allopathy medications. The cost of the most common type of herbs starts from as low as $2.

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How to save?


  • If you are a regular customer to your Vaidya, ask him to recommend a specific Ayurveda clinic. On his recommendation, you can generally get a 10 percent discount. Vaidya’s generally have good relation and they regularly send their patients to a specific Ayurveda clinic which they think are preferable. Because of this reason, they get a special discount which you can take benefit from.
  • Because of the lack of awareness amongst people regarding the treatment techniques, they do not know which one they specifically tend to undergo. Because of this reason, they end up taking packages that they do not need. A typical package at an Ayurveda clinic would cost you 50 to 60 percent more than undergoing only the treatment that you specifically need for your problem. Having good knowledge and information regarding your problem can help you save a lot.


Unlike other sciences, Ayurveda is based on herbs that are prepared from the raw elements available from nature. This technique of Ayurveda and its relevance are growing in the world currently because they are 100% safe with “0” side effects.