How Much Does a Home Textile Products Cost?

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Home Textile Products Cost

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Have you ever spent a day without using single textile product? No, right! From our bedroom to bathroom, we all need textile products.

What are home textiles?

Textile is the material made from natural or artificial fibers (Yarn). Yarn can be made of wool, cotton, flax, hemp or combination of them.

Home textiles is a branch of textile, which is used for furnishing or decorative purpose at houses. Used fabrics are either natural or synthetic in textiles.

5 common types of home textile products with cost

Here are some major types of textile products’ categories used at home.


1) Pillowcases and Bed sheets

These are generally made of cotton or cotton/polyesters blended yarns. These are made from linen, silk and nylon. If you want to test the quality of these products then hold it in the light so that its construction and thread quantity will appear. Bed sheets come in two types: Fitted and Flat.

Cost for developed nations: $10 to $80 (per piece)

Cost for developing nations: $3 to $30

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2) Blankets

Blankets are made the way that it can give warmth, softness and also durability. Blankets are generally woven but, they can also made by knitting or fiber flocking on polyurethane form. Yarns can be made from the single source or combination of cotton, wool, nylon, polyester and acrylic.

As per the appearance, texture and durability there are different type of blankets are available in the market.

Cost for developed nations: $15 to $100 (per piece)

Cost for developing nations: $5 to $80

3) Towels

The main application of a towel is to absorb the wetness and moisture from the skin. It should be strong enough for long term use and should be made of material which can tolerate wetness, rubbing, pulling and twisting forces.

Usually the towels (Terry Towels) are made of pure cotton or from the combination of cotton and polyester. Polyester gives more strength while cotton is good at comfort and absorbance.

Cost for developed nations: $8 to $60 (per piece)

Cost for developing nations: $3 to $30

4) Tablecloths and Mats

Generally, each house has at least 2 tables in it. No doubt, using tablecloths would give a special appearance to your table.

Table cloths available in market are generally made of cotton, linen, rayon, polyester. There is huge variety as they come in different style, size and material. But, nowadays lace and damask are most popular.

Cost for developed nations: $20 to $150 (per piece)

Cost for developing nations: $5 to $70

5) Carpet and Rugs

From many centuries, floor decoration has been done from fibers. Alongside our home, we prefer colorful and decorative floor in schools, offices, hospitals etc. We use these different colored plans for kitchen, bathroom and bedroom to give it a pleasant and unique look to home.

Carpets can also come with sound and heat insulating properties.

Cost for developed nations: $70 to $800 (Per room)

Cost for developing nations: $30 to $500

(Prices vary according to the size, quality of product and location of yours.)

Home textiles buying tips

  • Choose the comfortable fabric for skin
  • Check the color fastness of products
  • Buy guaranteed products
  • Ask for shrinkage
  • Check weight, pattern and thread quantity

How to save money?

  • Buy less synthetic and cotton products as they are non-harmful for human skin
  • Prefer offline shopping
  • Check the quality
  • Check for defects in color, print and quality

Have a prosperous time ahead.