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How Much Does a Nail art Cost at salon

| March 16, 2020 | 0 Comments

How much does a Nail art cost?

Nail Art Cost



Don’t you get tempted whenever you see a post of Nail art while scrolling? Believe or not it is a luxurious feeling to get it. If you’re wandering to know about the Nail art and its cost then let’s get started.

Nail art is all about adorning your nails by painting, enhancing or embellishing which can be done on fingernails and toenails. As per a report, the average cost of basic manicure is about $20 to $30

Acrylics, Gels, Nail Polish, Nail varnish, Glitters are widely and differently used in Nail arts. There are types of Nail Arts available for you which are named depending on the procedure used. Let’s see,


Cost Of Nail Arts

1)  Acrylic nail art Cost – $35 to $60

It is the type of mixture made of powder, liquid monomer and some dough. It is shaped onto the nails and dried by air.


2) Gel Polish nail art Cost – $30 to $58

It is used to lengthen the nail or to give a stronger top layer over one’s nail. Unlike Acrylics, Gels are dried under UV.


3) Shellac nail art Cost –  $35 to $50

It’s a hybridization of Nail polish and gel.


4) Sculpting extension nail art Cost – $25 to $38

A sculptured nail can take desired shape from the oval shapes to dagger like nails or shapes like stars and hearts.


5) French extension nail art Cost  –  $30 to $50

Mainly French extensions look white with any shape and draws French manicure style.


6) Glitter Nail(set ) nail art Cost  – $30 to $55

These kinds of designs can give extra edge and sharpness to the nail and brighten it up.


7) Ombre Nail extension  nail art Cost – $31 to $60

In these extensions, a light color on the top of the nail blends into a darker color toward the tip.


8) 3D and 4D Nail Art Cost  – $7 to $18

These arts basically reflect 3D and 4D look from your nails.


9) Chrome polish nail art Cost  – $15 to $32

It decorates your nails with metallic and high polish styles.


10) Mani, Pedi & Massage nail art Cost –  $35 to $55

There is a variety of options to choose from like refills, extensions, overlays, repair, removal etc. Let me get you know that Nail art removal charge varies from $10 to $20.


Things to consider before getting Nail Art

  • Good salon hires, only Best and Experienced staff.
  • Don’t try hard to preparing your nails, if you aren’t sure for you Nail Art type.
  • Allot 1-2 hours of time slot. Hurried manicures are mostly bad.
  • Don’t go for back to back Nail appointments. Because it won’t let your nails to heal naturally.
  • If you have any serious illness, then inform it to your consultant/ Nail artist. Pregnant women shouldn’t go through it as it uses chemicals.


As Nail art business has evolved, there are some well-known artists who charge more than $100 for it. But, the averagecost of full Nail Art is approx. $35.


How to Save nail art cost?

  • Try changing Polish.
  • Go at salon with your own bottle of Nail Polish
  • Buy a Manicure/ Pedicure package
  • Remove Acrylics or Gel Polish at home.
  • Get a membership in a salon
  • Find out the cheaper salon near you.
  • You can use some DIY (Do It Yourself) techniques for saving a lot of cash like Sponge technique, Water marble technique, Splatter technique, Air Brush technique, Tape technique, etc. at your home. Benefits of DIY techs are: saving money, healthy nails and of course, acquiring a new skill.