How much does football coaching cost?

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Cost of Football Coaching: How Much Does It Cost to Train and Develop Your Skills?

how much Football training Cost



The sport that has produced legends like Pele, Beckham, Ronaldinho and currently has Messi and Ronaldo like names has always been an inspiration to many youngsters. By getting inspired from the legends, youngsters choose Football as their passion and think of making a living by playing it.

To make a living by playing football, one needs professional coaching that gives him assistance and exposure, like no other.

On one hand, good professional coaching is unavailable to everyone. On the other hand, professional football coaching is also a boon for everyone who wants to become a successful footballer.


Football coaching fees vary from whether you are a player who has begun to learn recently, whether you know the basics of football and want to progress or whether you are already an expert in the subject who wants to progress.

Depending upon your level of study, your football coaching fees may end up falling in the range of $100 to $10000 per month.


Cost for Football Coaching

  • Football coaching fees also vary depending on the level of expertise of the coach, the exposure that he can guarantee to the football player and the level of certification he/she possesses. A certified football coach will generally charge more than a non-certified coach.
  • Certified coaches generally charge anywhere in the range of $3000 to $7000. This means that on average, these coaches charge you $5000. These coaches are such, who have attained the certification by completing their course from the university and are state/nation certified coach.
  • People generally think that non-certified coaches charge lesser than certified ones. This logic is true in the sense that they do not have a certificate to show like the certified ones.
  • But this logic is wrong in the sense that they have experience on hand, which can be sometimes more valuable than the certified coach. The former charge anywhere from $100 to $3000, while the later charge anywhere from $7000 to $10000.
  • The former ones often are involved in training beginner level players. Whilst, the later ones are involved in training the already expert players and are known for giving advice and consulting to the already expert players.


How to save?

  • Joining government-managed sports clubs is the most basic way to save. The government managed sports club charge 10 to 20 percent cheaper than the private sports club and the best part about coaches teaching over there is that they are already certified by the government. Sometimes clubs like this can even be more than 20 percent cheaper.
  • Often in the coaching of these sports, some players turn coaches for the rest of their life. Getting coaching from such players is cheaper because they do have experience in playing, but not in coaching. Coaching from such players tend to be 20 to 30 percent cheaper than getting coaching from intermediate or beginner level coaches.

Football is a team game that is based on coordination and team tactics. Good football coaches always teach such a spirit of the game and make sure you keep up the discipline of the game.