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How much it cost for waxing

| March 15, 2020 | 2 Comments

Waxing cost

waxing cost



If you are thinking to have a new look or want to revamp your look then maybe you should think of waxing your body. Waxing is one of the best methods to increase your self-esteem and make you think fabulous about yourself particularly if extra hair growth is a real difficulty.

It’s no surprise why we choose waxing to get rid of hair for long period at a time rather than shaving. So, are you going to the salon or spa, or do the splendid task at your home only? These all waxing methods cost you different and you may want to know the real cost of waxing.

What does Waxing Cost?

There are some points that you have to consider while going for body waxing and how much it will cost is one of them. Here we are going to discuss how much you will be required to spend based on various factors.


Waxing body hair generally costs more in expensive cities and urban markets, but it costs lower in middle and rural areas. Costs are generally 10% more at hotels or resort. Salons or Spas that utilize high-quality natural wax to reduce soreness and ingrown hair costs extra.

Normally, you can assume to spend $150-$350 but remember that these costs are just a raw survey. You can visit your nearest salon for a perfect quote as they’ll normally customize the price.

The cost can alter a lot based on your gender such as if you are a man and want to wax your back then it will take approx. 1 hour while to wax back of a woman takes 10 minutes only.

1) Body Part

Full body wax generally costs $130-$350 but you can wax your part too and its costs differ and depend upon the body part on which you want to wax.

    • If you want to wax your full legs or back then it generally costs between $30 to $48
    • Waxing cost for Hands or Upper Lips or Eyebrow or Chin is generally $10 to $15
    • Waxing on the stomach or full arms costs you between $16 to $22
    • If you want to do Bikini wax than it varies from place to place but generally costs $20 to $30
    • Generally Brazilian wax costs $40 to $110.

2) The Spa or Salon Which You Choose

Every hotel or Saloon varies in terms of what they all use and their various ways like few have unique plans, and the quality of material which is applied for the procedure of the body waxing is necessary to think.

3) Facilities

Different facilities offered by Spa or Saloon also add extra to the total waxing cost like some spas offer sauna and it will cost you some extra dollars.

4) Location

The location of a spa or salon matters a lot. The one located in a posh residential area or a business area will cost you more than the one located in a rural or a less expensive area.

How to Save Money in Waxing?

To save money in waxing you can do it by yourself at your home and for it, you only need a wax heating machine, wax material and help of a family member or a friend. It will save you money. Or you can visit some of the saloons near your area and compare the cost and then go for the one that fits your budget. Newly started saloons generally charge less.

I hope you find the best waxing service in your budget!